Devin Hicks is finally healthy and it shows

Devin Hicks (Inf/OF, Bartlett, TN) - The Rebels lost their top two long ball hitters this off-season when Brian Pettway and Stephen Head were taken in the first three rounds of the MLB draft.

One of the signees from this year's class who hopes to replace some of that lost power is Devin Hicks.

Devin has already hit 27 HR's in the past two years for Bartlett and the Memphis Tigers (Connie Mack league).

These numbers are impressive, but they really stand out when you take into consideration that Devin broke his wrist right before the start of Bartlett's '04/'05 season. Hicks spent the entire season hurt, as he also pulled a hamstring a third of the way into the year.

Hicks is now healthy and it shows, as he has already accounted for 9 HR's this summer for the Memphis Tigers

It is these types of numbers that has the Ole Miss coaching staff and fans excited about their immediate future.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Devin Hicks :

What is your current height and weight? "I am 6' 3", 208."

Which position were you recruited to play by Ole Miss? "Either 3B or 1B."

What are your strengths on the field? "Definitely my hitting and probably the mental part of the game, like thinking. I think pretty well on the field."

What do you need to work on the most? "Conditioning and hitting everyday."

How long have you been starting for Bartlett? "I transferred to Bartlett my sophomore year, so I had to sit out that year. I guess the last two years."

Talk about your junior season? "We finished 3rd in our district, team wise. Personally, I hit 6 HR's in the Spring and 10 HR's that summer. Bartlett has a summer team too."

Any awards? "I was named All-Disrtict, Region, and State. I was also named to the Best of the Preps squad by the Commercial Appeal."

This past year? "We finished 3rd in our district again, so, it really was not that good of a year. I had a bad senior year too. It was just bad all around."

What contributed to you having a bad senior year? "I broke my wrist a few weeks before the season started, and then I pulled my hamstring pretty good about a third of the way into the season. I was hurt the whole year. I only hit like 6 HR's."

Are you now healthy? "Yes sir, and it feels good. I have 9 HR's this summer. I feel all the way back."

Do you have any teammates on the Tiger's club who will play for Ole Miss next year? "Yes sir, Zach Miller."

You signed with Ole Miss in November? "Yes sir."

Who were the other colleges you had a chance to sign with? "My final five were Birmingham Southern, Western Kentucky, Memphis, and Mississippi State before I decided on Ole Miss."

Why did you decide on Ole Miss? "Their facilities and mainly their coaching staff. I just felt really comfortable around their people."

Who recruited you for Ole Miss? "Both Coaches McDonnell and Lake came to my games, but Coach McDonnell was the main one recruiting me."

What are some of your goals for your freshman season at Ole Miss? "I want to make good grades in the classroom and hopefully get in a few games as a freshman. I know it is going to be tough, but I am going to work really hard to get into the lineup.

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