South Hot 100 Member looking for offers

C. J. Bailey (Ath, Moss Point, MS) - South Hot 100 Member, C.J. Bailey, has been busy on the summer circuit looking for scholarships. So far, he has attended camps at Ole Miss, Alabama, USM, Scout (Starkville), Nike (Oxford), and the Max Emfinger 7 on 7 National Championship. Bailey is headed to Auburn and LSU next.

USM and ULL are the only two schools who have given C.J. a written scholarship, while Ole Miss and Alabama have given Bailey a verbal offer, according to Bailey.

Who is going to offer next?

The following information was revealed during our interview with CJ Bailey:

Which camps have you been to lately? "I just got in from Alabama around a week ago."

Any combines? "I just came back in from the Max Emfinger 7 on 7 national championship."

Did Moss Point's team show up for the Emfinger ombine? "No sir, they just picked a lot of players from around the country, and we were called the National Grey."

Were they anymore Mississippi players at the combine? "They had Alex Banks from Gulfport and Mico Brown (RB) from Moss Point. Mico is just a sophomore."

You were selected to the National All-American game? "Yes sir, it is going to be in Orlando. The game is going to be carried by ESPN on January 5th."

How is your recruitment going? "I talked to Ole Miss when I was in Texas. I talked to Coach Orgeron, and he said he was going to verbally offer me, but he wants to watch me in the fall. I guess he did not see enough of me in the Spring. Alabama verbally offered me as well. Teir coaches are on vacation, and they have to look at some more game film too. I should be going down to USM for a camp in a week or two. I may be setting up an official visit with USM pretty soon. I am going on an unofficial visit to La Lafayette on Sunday. They have a camp going on, so I might show them what I have, but it is more for an unofficial visit than anything else. They, like Ole Miss, want a chance to see me in person, so they want me to come to their camp."

Which colleges now have solid offers on the table for you? "USM and La Lafayette. I do not even count verbal offers because it does not mean anything to me until I get it on paper. That is how I look at it."

Which schools are now at the top of your list? "I could not tell you. It is still too early. I still want to keep all of my options open. I was suppose to go to FSU this weekend, but I did not go. I am going to the Auburn camp this upcoming week. I am probably going to the LSU camp on the 23rd. They have been recruiting me real hard lately."

CJ carries a 3.5 GPA / 17 ACT

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