Joe Gex takes in Ole Miss camp

Joe Gex (C, Jackson, MS) - Joe Gex is no stranger to the game of baseball or Ole Miss, as his father was the starting catcher for the Rebels in the 80's. Gex just got back in from the Ole Miss camp, and we called to see how his experience went.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 225
Position: Catcher
Grades: 2.8 GPA / 20 ACT

From: Jackson, MS
High School: Jackson Aca

The following information was revealed during our interview with Joe Gex:

What are your strengths at the catcher position? "I would say I am a pretty good defensive catcher. I block well, and I call a pretty good game. My arm is getting stronger everyday, and I hit it pretty well."

How fast do you throw it from home to second base? "I am around two flat, but my arm is probably 80% right now. When I get back healthy, I will have it down to a 1.9 (seconds) flat."

What are you working on the most right now? "I am really just getting my arm stronger. I want to lose all of this baby fat and gain as much muscle as I can. And I always want to just hit the ball hard."

What were your stats as a junior? "I probably hit around .340. I was a gap hitter. I hit a lot of gap balls. I had a pretty good many of RBI's, and I caught a pretty good game."

Did you garner any awards? "I was named All-Conference."

How did JA fare for the season? "We made it to the playoffs and lost in the 1st round. We were really strong and had a lot of juniors. Our first 5 hitters were Jr's, so we should be pretty strong next year."

Which schools are currently recruiting you the hardest? "South Alabama, Ole Miss, Hinds CC, and Meridian CC. Those are the colleges that are calling me."

Any early offers? "No sir, not yet."

Which colleges are you interested in? "South Alabama and Meridian CC. I also like Ole Miss and Mississippi State."

Where have you camped at this summer? "I just got back in from the Ole Miss camp. That is the only camp I have been to. I play for the Mississippi Heat, and we have played at MSU, Ole Miss, UAB, Troy State and schools like that. I am hoping to go down to LSU in a couple of weeks for their camp."

What did you think of your performance at the Ole Miss camp? "Pretty good. I thought I hit it better than I did defensively."

Did the Ole Miss coaches talk recruiting to you during the camp? "Coaches Bianco and McDonnell talked to me for a while. They asked what my GPA and ACT score was and some other recruiting stuff. But, they did not talk about any offers though."

Where does Ole Miss stand with you? "My dad (Joe Gex) went there and played in the 80's. I have grown up an Ole Miss fan, so I would love to play there, if the right (scholarship offer came along."

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