South Hot 100 member names his Top 3

Anthony Dixon (RB, Terry, MS) - South Hot 100 Member and Mississippi's #3 overall rated prospect by, Anthony Dixon, has named his Top 3 schools of choice.Who made the cut?.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Anthony Dixon:

Which camps have you been to so far and where do you go from here? "I went to the Scout (Starkville) and Nike combines (Oxford) this past Spring. This summer, I went to Ole Miss' Sr and Passing camps, and then I went to USM's Passing Camp. I sprained my MCL last year, and I had surgery right after the Southern Mississippi camp. It was not a big deal. They just cleaned up some loose stuff in my knee. My MCL was wearing down because I play all three sports, so it never gets a rest. I am just now getting back to running full speed. My knee hurt when I went side to side, but it feels great now. I feel nothing when I cut. I had a sharp pain every time I cut the past couple of years. I just did not want to tell my coaches. That was the wrong thing for me to do, to not tell them, but I did not want them to hold me out of the games or camps. I missed most of my sophomore year with a broken collar bone and then I messed my ankle up, so I practically did not play my sophomore year. Going into my junior year, I was determined to not let any injury hold me back, so I played through the pain. Now I feel great. I can not worry about going to anymore camps this summer because I need to concentrate on my school work and getting my leg back to 100%."

Out of all of the camps and combines you attended; where did you perform the best? "The people who went there said I did best at the Ole Miss passing camp because of the way I caught the ball. They did not know I could catch like that, but I use to play WR before RB. I would have won MVP but our team did not win enough games. Our team is young. Me and another dude are the only ones who played last year."

When did you play WR? "I use to play WR in the 8th grade and on own down, like the 7th, 6th and 5th grades. I use to split, like a WR and RB. We did hand off sweeps and stuff like that. That was my first year at Terry."

Which colleges are keeping up with you the most? "Ole Miss and LSU show me the most interest. I believe they keep up with me the hardest."

Which coach or college staff have you developed the tightest bond with? "I would have to say the Ole Miss coaching staff because I talk to them more than anybody else. Coach Hughes' (Ole Miss assistant) son, Jamison, played ball with my little brother for a few years at Byrum. I have known Coach Hughes since I was a kid. That is why I have a better bond with Ole Miss because I know their coaches personally."

Which colleges are now at the top of your list? "The ones I am interested in the most? I like LSU a lot, and I like Ole Miss and Mississippi State a lot. Them three are the ones I like the most because I talk to their coaches quite a bit when they were calling. The conversations I have with them are deeper than recruiting. The other schools just want recruiting information, but them three, they want to know me personally. The others are not on a personal level. I think they are interested in me, but they did not go on that level."

Which colleges have now offered you a scholarship? "Ole Miss, MSU, USM, LSU, Iowa State, and Alabama."

What do you most like about Ole Miss? "Probably just the fact that they are the flagship school for my state. They were doing good on the football field, but they had a bad year last seaosn..Even with that, they keep producing good football players. And now they have brought in some coaches that have been winning. That is probably the three things that jump out at me."

What are LSU's positives? "They are a winning school that are doing good things. I know they already have a lot of talent there. If I were just stuck on winning, I know that is where I would want to go, but I am looking at some other things too."

What other factors are you looking at? "When I go on my visits, I want to see how I fit in with their players. If I do not fit in, I would not be able to do my best because they would not have my back. I am not necessarily looking at playing time, but I want an opportunity to play. But playing time is not one of the big things."

What attracts you to MSU? "They were my favorite instate team growing up. I use to go down to a lot of their games, and I know some of their players. I know their new coach is going to get the best out of their players. That kind of sticks out to me. But it is the same way with all three of them schools. I know their coaches are going to get the best out of me, so that really is not a factor."

Did you have a chance to retake the ACT test? "Yes sir, I did. I made a 17 on the last one. I went to some workshops and it really helped. Last year, I started taking school a lot more seriously, and I did really good. My sophomore year was terrible. I was out the whole season with injuries, and I was just down and out. My grades showed. But then my junior year, I saw that I could get somewhere playing football, so I knew I needed to get my grades straight. I will have to take six classes my senior year. The rest of the seniors will only have to take five, so I will be at school all day. When everybody is out for lunch during 5th period, I will be in class, but that is OK. I did it to myself. The big thing is that I will have my grades and get to go D1. Not everyone can learn from their lessons and still succeed. I feel like God has blessed me."

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