Rebels eye Sunshine state for some corner help

DeAndre Morgan (CB, Suncoast, FL) - One of Ole Miss' key priorities at cornerback resides in Riviera (FL). The 5' 10 1/2, 160 pound cornerback out of Suncoast just happens to be the fastest prospect in the Sunshine state this year, as he turned in an eye popping 4.27 at the Miami football camp, which was easily the fastest time at the camp.Miami, N.C. State, West Virginia, Ole Miss, Clemson, and Syracuse are DeAndre's top schools. All have offered except Miami.

The following information was revealed during our interview with DeAndre Morgan:

Which position are you expected to play on the next level? "Cornerback, but I have actually played all around the field in high school. I really have gotten more snaps at running back than anywhere else. I led our team in rushing last year with 480 yards. I averaged around 11 yards per carry. I also led our team in receiving yards. On defense, I had 4 blocked punts, 4 int's, 1 fumble recovery, and 30 something tackles."

Will you get more snaps on defense or offense this upcoming season? "Defense. The reason I was put on offense last year was because I was the most experienced and the most athletic. I even played out of position last year on defense. I played safety. They knew I was a for sure tackler, and they knew I could run anybody down in case they got behind our corners, so they put me at safety."

Did you receive any awards last season? "I did not really receive any State of County awards because last year was my first full season to play football. They go from your freshman to sophomore to junior years, so they did not have any prior years to judge me by."

What are your strengths on the field? "I would say my speed, reliability, and my aggressiveness. I am a ball hawk. I feel like every time the ball is in the air, it is mine. But most of all, I am a team player. I do not care about individual accomplishments. If my team is not winning, then nothing else matters to me. All I want to do is win, period."

What do you most need to work on? "My size and strength, most of all. As far as techniques, I need to work on playing off the wide receiver. This year, I am playing cornerback. It is harder playing off than playing a bump and run. I have been studying a lot of film and getting pointers from my brother. He has been showing me some stuff."

Who is your brother? "DaJuan Morgan. He plays at NC State. My other two brothers play at South Florida. They are Darius and Darren Haliburton."

Rumor has it you broke your school record in the 100 meter run? "Yes sir, I broke Devin Heffner's record. He ran a 10.9 and I ran a 10.7. Heffner plays at Miami and is a former student of Suncoast. I have always looked up to him. I also broke his 40 time. He ran a 4.31, and I ran a 4.27 at the Miami camp. I have the fastest time in Florida this year. There have been a bunch of articles written about it."

Who are your top schools right now? "My top schools? I would say Miami, N.C. State, Ole Miss, West Virginia, Syracuse, and Clemson. Who else? I think that is it. Those are the ones that I talk to the most and are showing me the most interest."

Any offers? "All of them except Miami. I have some other offers too, like Temple, Vandy, Rutgers, South Florida, and I think that is it."

Are you leaning in any one direction? "No sir, I am really not trying to think about it. I want to go into the season with no pressure. I do not even want to think about all of that recruiting stuff. Like in Spring practices, all of the coaches were coming to evaluate me, but I tried to act like they were not even there. It is easier to play your best ball when you are not thinking about all of this recruiting stuff."

What are you looking for when you are trying to find the best fit for you? "I am looking for a place that I feel real comfortable. I want to see how their city life is. I will look at their coaches, players, and the environment around me. I mean, anywhere I go is going to be away from home. Even if I were to go to Miami. It is like an hour from home. I will be home sick no matter where I go. I will leave Florida, no problem at all. I am just looking to make an impact where ever I go. I do not want to be lied to like some of my brothers were. I want a staff to be straight up to me. But really, all of the schools I have talked about have been straight up with me. I have trust in all of their staffs."

Have you taken any unofficial visits? "Yes sir, I went to Florida, NC State, Miami, and South Florida."

You mentioned city life as an important factor for you; are you looking for a big or small city environment? "A big city, something like Miami. I am not looking to go all out or anything, but when you are young, you do not want to be in a Gainsville or any country city for that matter. I want a place I can relate to. I want their people to be like me."

Which coaches have made an impact with you so far? "I would say Coach Crystalbal at Miami. All of the coaches at NC State, but mainly their head coach and defensive backs coach. And Ole Miss, their whole staff but mainly Coach Orgeron. Every time the Ole Miss coaches call, especially Coach Orgeron, I talk to them for like an whole hour. They talk to my mother all of the time too. They are the only coaches who I spend that much time talking to, and their whole staff sends me hand written letters every day. I mean every day. And Coach T from Vandy, he sends me hand written letters. Them two schools are the only ones who send me hand written letters. And I can not leave out Coach Hand at West Virginia. Me and him are pretty tight too."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "It is their staff. They told me they have some veteran coaches in their secondary who have coached in the NFL. Coach Orgeron had me on the phone with one of his former players. He was undersized too. He told me that Coach Orgeron put him in the NFL, and he taught him the things he needed to know to get to the league. I forget his name, but he is playing in the league right now. That kind of hit home for me. To have a very experienced coaching staff. That would be a huge plus for me."

DeAndre carries a 2.8 Core GPA and a 980 on the SAT.

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