Reggie Hicks has two early leaders

Reggie Hicks (RB, Madison, MS) - One of the fastest rising prospects in the Magnolia state has been busy displaying his talents at the various college camps this summer.So far, Ole Miss and Alabama have offered but several more are keeping a close eye on the young man.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Reggie Hicks:

Which camps have you been to recently? "I went to the LSU camp last weekend."

How did it go? "It went real good, but they did not offer me or anything."

Where else have you camped? "I went to the Nike Camp at Ole Miss and their SR camp. I went to the Georgia Tech SR camp, the LSU SR camp, and the USM and Alabama SR camps."

Which camp did you perform the best? "That is a hard one. I would say Ole Miss or Georgia Tech."

Did you step on anybody's campus and thought to yourself, this feels like home? "Yea, Georgia Tech."

Did you talk to the Georgia Tech staff about where you stood with them during their camp? "Yea, I did. It is all based on my senior season. They want to see if I can do the great things I did at their camp in a game. They said I was all squared with my ACT (21) and GPA (3.7) though."

Which colleges have now offered you a scholarship? "ULL, Ole Miss, and Alabama."

Who is coming after you the hardest? "Ole Miss. Letters, letters, and more letters just keep coming in every day."

Now that we are in a no contact period; which coaches are you personally calling? "I keep in touch with Coach Orgeron (OM) a lot. I also keep in touch with Coach Woods (Bama). One of my friends, JP, who is a quarterback for Missouri, has been trying to get my up there. In 9th and 10th grade, J.P. and I went to Texas' QB camp together."

You use to play QB? "Yea, I played quarterback all up until last year. I have been to Texas for all of their qb camps until this summer. That is where I wanted to go to school growing up, but I know they do not have any Mississippi players on their roster. I talked to the Missouri coach, and they are going to bring me in for an official visit."

Did you set a date? "Not yet. We have just agreed that I am going to use one of my officials on them."

If you had to set up your official visits tomorrow, where would you go? "That is a hard question to answer. When I go to the camps, I see everything I need to know. I have seen everything Ole Miss has to offer. I know Georgia Tech inside out and Alabama. I mean, there really is not much more for me to learn about them three."

Which schools are now at the top of your list? "Really Ole Miss because even though they do not have my major, I would probably go to Ole Miss because Coach Orgeron makes me feel so at home. He is a great guy. But at Georgia Tech, they have my major. If I went to Ole Miss, I would have to go there for four years and then to MSU for two more. But as far as football goes, it would be Ole Miss. Georgia Tech is better for me, academically, and Ole Miss is better for me football wise. I love Alabama's tradition, but I do not know where I would fit in because they are all about the 5' 9" scat backs. They are not too into the 6' 1", 215 pound tailbacks like myself. I know that. I really wonder where they would play me."

I assume you want to play tailback and not fullback on the next level? "Most definitely."

Which colleges are recruiting you for tailback versus fullback? "Ole Miss and Georgia Tech said they would let me play tailback. ULL definitely said they would play me at tailback. I do not even think they use a fullback in their system."

What are your personal goals for your senior season? "As far as this season, I want to play as well as I can so I will get some more looks. I need to show them that I can make people miss and get to the corner. I need to show everyone what kind of speed I have. But most importantly, I want us to win a championship here at Madison Central before I leave. This is my last chance, so I do not have much time left."

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