Chris Stewart (OL, Klein, TX) - One of the country's top offensive line prospects took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss this past weekend."> Chris Stewart (OL, Klein, TX) - One of the country's top offensive line prospects took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss this past weekend.">

Takes in Ole Miss visit

<A href=";p=8&amp;cfg=null&amp;c=1&amp;nid=1758679">Chris Stewart (OL, Klein, TX) - One of the country's top offensive line prospects took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss this past weekend.

This was not Chris' first visit to the University of Mississippi's campus, as his mother Lucia Harris-Stewart played basketball for Delta State and played in the 1978 Olympics. She now resides in Leland, MS. Chris' sister, Crystal Stewart, is a rising junior on Ole Miss' track team.

Although Chris had been on Ole Miss' campus several times before, he had never been on a "recruiting" visit, which he did this past weekend.

We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Chris Stewart:

Which camps have you attended this summer? "I did not go to any. I spent the whole summer getting healthy and getting prepared for my senior season. The last couple of weeks, I just started taking recruiting calls again, and I went on a visit to Ole Miss last weekend, but I have tried to stay away from the whole recruiting scene this summer."

How did your visit to Ole Miss go? "It was a really/really good visit. I was impressed with the city. The rolling hills are beautiful there. I had been there a few times before, but everything was under construction. I guess I really did not pay that much attention when I went on their campus before because I was not being recruited or anything. I was just there to see my sister, Crystal, who is on their track team. But I learned that they have a college of about 16,000 students and a real pretty campus. They have the prettiest campus I have been to yet. Their grounds are really kept up. I walked up and down the Grove to get a feeling what it would be like on Game Day. Man, I got goose bumps just taking it all in. The Grove is awesome. I was also really impressed with their academics. I sat down with their business school's advisor and we went over everything. I was really impressed in what they had to offer. I was impressed with their coaches too. Coach Orgeron is a real energetic type of guy. I really like him a lot."

Where does this visit put Ole Miss? "It puts them right up there with the other colleges. I was not expecting to be blown away like I was. Ole Miss is real close to my family. They only live an hour down the road from their campus. It would make easy on my mother if I went to Ole Miss. My sister is already there. I do not know. They are in a deal lock with Texas A&M, LSU, and Notre Dame. I have pretty much narrowed it down to those four schools. If I had to make a decision tomorrow, I would not even be able to make a decision. I was real impressed with Ole Miss' coaches."

Which colleges have now offered you a scholarship? "A scholarship, lets see, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Texas, Texas Tech, Vandy, Notre Dame, UTEP, and Nebraska. There are some more, but I can not think of them right now."

Who would you say is coming after you the hardest? "I would say those four schools. They are dead even. I talk to their head coaches, and I have had the most contact with those four school's coaches. I call them a lot. They call me a lot. I have built a close bond with all of their coaches. I also have family at all of those schools. I even have some Uncles who live in South Bend, IN. They all have so much in common with me."

What stands out about Texas A&M? "I think they are a rising program with a really good staff. Coach Fran is a good guy on and off the field. They were the first school to let it be known they were recruiting me. It is close to home, only like an hour away. I have a lot of friends who go there. They have a real good International Business school and a great Spanish program. I will probably double major in those two fields. They have a really good fan base, good coaches, and good players. I really like their coaches. They are all good guys, but I could say the same about all four of these schools. They just all have great coaches. It is really like a bigger Ole Miss."

What are LSU's positives? "I think they are going to be pretty good because they have a lot of talent, but they are losing a lot of that talent by the time I get there. So I should have a pretty good opportunity at some early playing time. I have been to LSU a few times for some family reunions. I like their city. They get real behind their program. They are going to be strong, and I have a chance to do some winning if I go there."

What about Notre Dame? "I really like Coach Wise, and I grew up a Notre Dame fan. I have a lot of contact with Coaches Wise and Latina. They have shown me how they want use me and how they are going to get their program back on top. I could take great pride in being a part of their rebuilding process. But most of all, they have a great academic institution. All four of those schools have great academics, but Notre Dame has a national reputation not a regional reputation. It would be the hardest but I could go a long ways with a degree from Notre Dame. You can not count on making the league, so you have to have something to fall back on."

You have mentioned academics, coaches, players, and winning as important factors for you in your decision process, but what would you say is the number one factor for you? "I would say it would be being with a team that will help me not only become a great player, but also give me a chance to win championships. That is the goal for every player, to win championships. I know I can get it done in the classroom at any of those four schools, and I also know that all four of those schools will have the ability to win conference and national championships. That is why I said they are all in a deal lock. I really believe all four will give me a shot to win conference and national championships if I go there. It is going to be a real tough decision."

Tell us where you stand, condition wise, right now. "I think a lot of people are worried about my weight, but what I am working on is my eating habits more than anything. I work the crap out of myself. That is why I hurt my back earlier this summer. Really, I am just trying to discipline myself eating wise, so I do not put the wrong things in my body. Weight wise, I wanted to lose 20 or 30 pounds this summer. I did not do that, but I lost a lot of body fat. I have already dropped down two sizes in my britches (laugh), so I know it is being redistributed in the right places."

Chris is a gifted student. He carries a 4.8 GPA and a 1650 on the SAT.

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