Top juco target talks recruiting

Tony Burks (WR, Gulf Coast CC, MS) - Mississippi's lone Army All-American in the Class of 2004 is going through the recruiting process for the second time. Burks signed with Ole Miss but failed to qualify and is now entering his second season at MS Gulf Coast CC. As a freshman, Tony came on strong at the end of his freshman campaign as he had over 380 receiving yards and 4 TD's in the last four games.

College recruiters have been keeping a close eye on Tony's progression, as both Ole Miss and Oklahoma State have offered, and he is also receiving some interest from MSU, Alabama, and Nebraska.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Tony Burks:

What have you been doing this summer? "Taking classes so I can get out of here in December and working out. That is about it."

What are you maxing out at right now? "I did 225 eight times today."

What are you working on right now to make yourself a better player? "I plan on getting better in the little things in my game. I plan on doing what ever it takes for us to win a State Championship and making it to the Nationals."

Have you set any personal goals? "Not really. I want to stay focused the whole game this year. I dropped a couple of passes last year because I was not staying focused, and I always try to keep that in the back of my mind."

Which colleges are you hearing from the most right now? "Right now, Ole Miss and Oklahoma State have offered me. Nebraska and Alabama have been writing a lot. And MSU, I talked to Coach Croom the other day. I called him. He was talking pretty good too."

Who is talking the best? "Right now. I am not talking to anybody on the phone. I am just getting a bunch of letters."

You mentioned that you called Coach Croom; who else have you called? "The only other person I have called is Coach Holliday (MSU). I do not really have the other coaches phone numbers, so I can not get in touch with them."

What are you liking about MSU? "They told me they are running the West Coast offense. They said I could come in and start next year. Coach Croom was trying to explain to me that in the West Coast offense, you do not do any sight adjustments. You just run your routes. I have never had to do any sight adjustments, so that would make it easy on me."

Has MSU offered you? "Not yet, but I think they are going to."

What is Ole Miss telling you? "I like the offense they are running. If I come up there, they will put me in the same position as Mike Williams (USC). I am a big guy like Mike, so that would be pretty good."

What do you know about Oklahoma State? "I have not heard too much from them lately. They are just sending me letters. I am trying to get their phone number right now so I can talk to them."

Do you have any interest in Alabama? "Yea, I have a little interest in them. I need to see how their offense is run, but I know a couple of their players, and they said it is pretty cool up there. I would not mind seeing how things are run there."

What about Nebraska? "I do not know too much about Nebraska. They just send me letters, but I have not talked to their coaches."

Tony is on track to graduate in December.

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