Jamon Hughes' recruiting profile

Jamon Hughes (LB, Humphreys County, MS) - Jamon was second in the state of Mississippi (all classifications) in tackles last season with 196.Hughes was named District 4(3A) Player of the Year for his performances on the field.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 233
40 time: 4.9
Bench: 380
Squat: 575
Grades: 2.7 Core GPA / 18 ACT

From: Belzoni, MS
High School: Humphreys County (3A)

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jamon Hughes:

Are you getting any looks for DE? "Not really. Everybody is talking about me playing linebacker."

What are your strengths at linebacker? "I read plays. I am not the fastest or strongest, but I am the smartest player on the field. I look at the offensive line and see what kind of stance they are in. Especially their guards. You can tell where the play is going 9 times out of 10 by just reading their steps. I study a lot of film. I try to think of myself as a student of the game. I also like being a leader on the field. I want everyone to look up to me."

What most are you working on? "My speed. I am plenty strong. I just need to work on my speed."

How long have you been starting for Humphreys Country? "This was my first year. I was at South Delta before last season. I have been starting since my 8th grade year though."

Which schools are you hearing from the most? "I am hearing from Auburn a lot. Ole Miss, USM, Louisville, and MSU. Those are basically the main ones I have been hearing from."

Any offers? "Grambling has offered me. Louisville was talking about it, but I have not seen anything on paper. Same with Ole Miss. They have been saying I have an offer, but I have not seen anything on paper."

Who is recruiting you the hardest? "Oh, Auburn. Coach Knox at Auburn. He has been showing me the most interest."

Which colleges are you keeping an eye on? "Ole Miss has caught my eye. I like their campus a lot. They have a lot of stuff going on up there. And USM, I have been wanting to go there since I was like a little kid. They play nasty defense down there. I do not know. I am going to talk to my parents. It is still up in the wind. But if I had to sign today, I would sign with Ole Miss. They have caught my eye the most."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "Their coach. I went to camp up there. I liked Coach Orgeron. He is so amped up. He seems like a good motivator. I want to play for somebody like him. I also like their defensive scheme. I have played in the 4-3 my whole life. That is a defense that is designed for the LB's to make plays."

What are USM's positives? "I just like their defense. They are known for great defenses. I looked at their roster, and I saw that they have a lot of upperclassmen at LB. They are going to be graduating after this season, so it would be in the cards for me to play early. I fit in well in that scenario."

What do you like about Auburn? "They have 2 senior starting linebackers. Coach Knox said he will need a linebacker to come in and play because those two will be leaving after this year. They have been really good lately too. That would be a good experience to play for a school like Auburn. Not too many kids get that chance."

Anybody else you keeping an eye on? "Those are really the ones I have been focused on. But, I like Tennessee and Louisville too. I am looking at their schools."

What do you know about Louisville? "I saw that they were # 8 in the country last year, and they moved to the Big East. I am going to watch them on tv next year to see what type of defensive schemes they run. To tell you the truth, I really did not know that much about them until they started calling me. I am going to see what they are all about this season."

What will you be looking for when it comes decision time? "I am not too concerned about early playing time right now. I just want to learn the system and get a good degree. I am going to look at their academic support staff because I really want to get my degree. That is the number one thing with me, getting my degree."

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