Practice Report: Monday morning

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron was not pleased with Saturday's scrimmage immediately after it was over, but he softened his stance a little after watching the tapes of the workout and he was excited about the way the Rebs tried to correct Saturday's mistakes this morning. Read about it inside.

Execution, or lack of same, had Ole MIss Coach Ed Orgeron a bit miffed Saturday afternoon after a 3-hour workout.

Better execution this morning, however, got the smile back on his face.

"We showed a lot of improvement in execution today. People getting set better, the attention to detail was much crisper than Saturday," Orgeron stated of the 2-hour, 45-minute practice in full gear under bright sun.

When asked what the tape of Saturday's practice revealed, Coach O eased up on his stance some.

"The number one defense was not scored on during any sustained drive. That's a plus from Saturday. Our running game did gain 243 yards. Micheal (Spurlock) looked great running the ball and we had flashes of being good all over the field," he assessed. "We were still inconsistent in too many areas and we didn't take care of the ball, but I think those things were addressed today and the results were much more satisfying."

Random Notes:

* The following players missed practice today due to injury or heat-related problems: C Darryl Harris, SS Kareem Moore, CB Tyson Andrus, WR Matt Pierce, CB Josh Braithwaite, OG/OT Ryan Jones, OT Reid Neely, LB Dustin Forston, PK Justin Sparks. . . The following players were limited in their practice reps, but were dressed in full gear: DT Peria Jerry, DE Corvelli Haynes, FS B. Brown, and TB Alan Abrams. . . DE Reterio Brown and WR Taye Biddle were dressed in shoulder pads and helmets this morning and worked in all drills except full contact work.

* Players who returned off the injury list: WR Milton Collins, DE LeRon King, OT James McCoy, CB Dustin Mouzon, TB Brandon Jacobs, LB Rogers Loche.

* There were no depth chart changes on the first defense or offense from Saturday. . . LG David Traxler, C Ben Boyce, CB Nate Banks, RG THomas Eckers, TE Robert Hough, TB Jamal Pittman, OLB Garry Pack and LEO Chris Bowers, who are all in tight battles for the starting roles, maintained their positions today.

* It appears B. Brown is going to be the nickel back in most cases, but sometimes - in long yardage situation - Banks is installed in that role.

* Return specialists catching punts today were Mike Espy, B. Brown and Milton Collins. . . Catching kickoffs were Larry Kendrick, Burnell Wallace, Taye Biddle, Mario Hill and Gary Andrus, who is out with injury right now.

* The Rebs opened with several extended periods of fundamental work. Drills, drills and more drills - individual, double-team and half line drills with rep after rep after rep.

* In 9-on-7 drills (defense uses all but CBs), the results were predictable - give-and-take with both sides having their moments.

Some highlights of 9-on-7 included Pittman gaining 8 on the first play, then being clammed to the ground for no gain on successive plays by DT McKinley Boykin and then by LB Patrick Willis. . . Jacobs, getting his first full contact work of August, had runs of 5, 12, 6, 0 (Brandon Jenkins on the stop), 2 (Michael Bozeman), 0 (Bowers), 1 (Willis) and 5. . . Two of his bigger plays were sprung by freshman RG Michael Oher. . . TB Antonio Turner got in on the action as well with runs of 6, 0 (K-Rob), 1 (Dedrick Clark) and 15 yards.

* In pass scale drills, the defense was running mostly zone coverage and the drill was designed to keep receivers in front of them and make the tackle as soon as the catch was made. Although a high percentage of passes were completed, only one went for significant yardage - a Spurlock to Biddle sideline pass for 25 yards on CB Trumaine McBride, who had good position, but got out-wrestled for the ball by Biddle. . . Spurlock was 9-11 for 82 yards, most of them being in the 6-8-yard range, which is what the drill was designed to give up (short dump passes). . . QB Robert Lane was 5-8 for 27 yards. . . QB Ethan Flatt was 3-4 for 23 yards. His lone incompletion was a drop by Hough over the middle.

* In field goal drills, PK Will Moseley, with freshman P Rob Park holding, was 7-9 with a long of 45 yards and his misses from 35 and 48 yards. . . Matt Hinkle only attempted one kick, from 20 yards, and it was blocked by Travis Johnson.

* In team drills, the Rebs went roughly 50 plays to end the practice.

First-team highlights: Pittman for 2 (Willis). . . Pittman for 5 (Willis). . . Pittman for 10 (K-Rob). . . Pittman for 25. . . Spurlock keep for 6. . . Pittman for 4 (Jayme Mitchell). . . Spurlock to Hough 6. . . Spurlock to Espy 4 (Banks). . . Spurlock run for 10. . . Spurlock to FB Jason Cook 8 (Travis Johnson). . . Pittman 4 (K-Rob). . . Pittman 2 (K-Rob). . . Spurlock to Cook 25. . . Spurlock to Mario Hill 10. . . Spurlock sacked by LB Quentin Taylor. . . Spurlock sacked by DT Michael Bozeman. . . Spurlock to Hill 14.

Second-team highlights included: Lane to Wallce 12. . . Jacobs 5 (Taylor). . . Jacobs 0 (Travis Johnson). . . Jacobs 6. . . Jacobs 10. . . Turner 4 (Mico McSwain). . . Ethan Flatt sacked by DE Viciente DeLoach. . . Turner 8 (Robert Russell). . . Lane to Carlos Suggs 30. . . Lane to Larry Kendrick 8. . . Flatt to FB Seth Michaelson 6. . . Jacobs 12. . . Flatt to Wallace 10. . . Flatt to Wallace 5. . . Lane to TE Jimmy Brooks 30. . . Lane keeper 12. . . Lane to Kendrick 10. . . Flatt to Suggs 10. . . Flatt to Brooks 8. . . Flatt intercepted by LB Keith Houston on deflection off receiver's hands.

* The Rebs will practice in full pads this afternoon at 4.

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