Practice Report: Monday afternoon

Coach Ed Orgeron said the Rebels probably had their best day yet with this morning's workout on the practice fields and this afternoon's practice in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Read about it inside.

Coach Ed Orgeron was mostly smiles after the Rebels' second practice of Monday. It was a continuation of good work from this morning, according to the first-year Rebel head coach.

"I thought today was probably our best day so far," he said. "We made improvements and fixed some things that were wrong and paid attention to detail. We simplified things so the guys could execute. I thought our coaches did a tremendous job.

"Mico (McSwain, moved today to TB from SS) did a good job out there at tailback. He did a good job. He's got a lot of speed. We're kind of thin there. He's a good athlete so we put him out there."

Orgeron also thought TB/FB Brandon Jacobs ran well today.

"He did run well. We've got to find some depth at running back. That's what we're trying to do."

Although it was brutally hot, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees and much hotter than that on the turf of Hollingsworth Field, Orgeron said the Rebels did well and pushed through.

"I thought it was fine. It was just a regular practice for us."

Random Notes:

* The following players missed practice this afternoon due to injury or heat-related problems: OL Ryan Jones, WR Taye Biddle, DB Kareem Moore, WR Matt Pierce, PK Justin Sparks, DB Dustin Mouzon, DL Reterio Brown, DE Corvelli Haynes, DB Josh Braithwaite, DB Tyson Andrus, DL Peria Jerry, OL Reid Neely and LB Dustin Forston.

* DE Brandon Jenkins took some snaps at #1 in front of Jayme Mitchell in pre-practice.

* Freshman DB Gary Riggs was at #2 SS with Kareem Moore out.

* As reported earlier, Mico McSwain worked at TB from his usual SS position.

* B. Brown was limited in his reps today.

* Hiram White blocked a punt in punt drills.

* In 9-on-7 drills (defense uses all but CBs), with the ones Pittman ran for 15 yards. With the twos McSwain got 16 on his first touch at TB . . . a 4-yard run by Mico on a pitch . . . an 8-yard by Brandon Jacobs . . . and a 14-yard run by Mico on a pitch. Travis Johnson was with #1 at LCB. Also with the ones Pittman got 5 . . . Spurlock hit Larry Kendrick for 10 . . . Jimmy Brooks was the #1 TE for these reps . . . Patrick Willis nailed Pittman for a loss . . . Mico got 16 and then 8 on a sweep . . . with the twos Jacobs got 10 and then 4 . . . Ethan Flatt hit Kendrick for 8 . . . Jenkins then got a QB sack on Flatt.

* In the passing scale with the ones Spurlock hit Mario Hill for 8 . . . Hill for 25 . . . Hill for 6 . . . Lilly for 5. With the twos Robert Lane hit Jacobs for 10 . . . then on consecutive throws hit Burnell Wallace for 2. With the ones Spurlock passed to Kendrick for 10 . . . was incomplete on a Kelvin Robinson tip . . . Was intercepted by Willis . . . and hit J.D. Lawhorn for 8 yards. With the twos Flatt hit Seth Michaelson for 2 yards as Dontae Reed made the stop . . . Flatt then hit Wallace for 8 and was incomplete as Nate Banks broke up a pass and was incomplete with his next pass. Back with the ones Spurlock hit Wallace for 8 . . . Espy for 8 . . . Wallace again for 5 . . . and Milton Collins for 8. Back with the twos Lane to Lilly for 12 . . . to Carols Suggs for 8 . . . to Kendrick for 40 and a touchdown . . . and to Michaelson for a yard, stopped by Banks.

* In the field goal department with Rob Park holding, Will Moseley was 3-for-4, making kicks from 20, 25, 30, and missing from 46 . . . Matt Hinkle was 3-3 from 45, 32, and 38.

* In the team drills:

* One highlights: Spurlock hit Mike Espy across the middle for seven (McBride) . . . Spurlock ran out of bounds on a 7-yard gain . . . Spurlock hit Suggs for 9 yards (McBride). . . After the twos went a few snaps, Spurlock handed off to Jamal Pittman with a huge hole up the middle for a big gain . . . Pittman took the handoff and was met by Willis after a yard . . . then Spurlock hit Espy in the left flat for no gain (McBride).

* Twos: Lane hands off to Jacobs for 2 yards (LeRon King) . . . Lane hit Espy for 10 on a swing pass to the left flat (Riggs) then hit Jacobs for 9 yards (Banks) . . . Flatt then got the ball and threw to Espy for 10 on a swing pass to the left flat (Bryant Thomas) . . . Flatt dumped it to Collins over the middle for a 50-plus yarder until LB Quentin Taylor slowed him up . . . Lane came back in and had a couple of completions, the last one a 70-yarder to a wide open Wallace in the right flat.

* In the red zone drills and some clock management drills, it was Lane rolling right and keeping for a 10-yard gain and running out of bounds . . . Lane sacked by McKinley Boykin . . . Lane throwing it away under heavy rush . . . Spurlock kept for 12 . . . Spurlock handed off to Jacobs who was swarmed under by a sea of red defenders . . . Spurlock then hit a wide open Kendrick in the back of the end zone for a touchdown against the #2 defenders . . . Later Flatt flipped to Mico for a 12-yard gain . . . then Spurlock handed off to Jacobs for 35 yards and a score . . . Lane handed to Jacobs for a 14-yard gain and was stopped by Banks, the final play of the day.

* The Rebels did sprints to end the afternoon's work. They practice Tuesday at 3 p.m.

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