4 Star athlete starting to narrow the field

Ricky Dixon (WR, Reserve, LA) - Ryan Perrilloux's top target last season (over 1,200 receiving yards) has begun to narrow the field. In fact, he will take an official visit to Florida State with his good buddy, Jai Eugene, when they play Florida.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Ricky Dixon:

Which camps did you attend this summer? "I went to Ole Miss, LSU, and Florida."

Where did you perform the best? "LSU, Ole Miss, and Atlanta (Nike). Those would be the three. Out of those three, I would say Atlanta. I ran a 4.5 flat at the LSU camp though. I felt really good at all of the camps, but those would be my top 3 best performances."

Any new offers since we last spoke? "Arizona, Oregon, and couple of others. I do not know their names off hand."

This bring your total to what? "Man, like 30 something."

Which colleges are keeping in touch with you the most? "The most? I would have to say LSU, Florida, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Michigan State, USM, West Virginia, Colorado, and the list just goes on and on, really. LSU and Florida are after me the hardest though."

Have you set up any official visits? "Me and Jai (Eugene) are suppose to go to Florida State for the Florida game. I have talked to a couple of other coaches at the other schools. I just have to let them know."

Who have you talked to about visiting? "I talked to Coaches Hypo at Arizona, Orgeron at Ole Miss, Meyers at Florida, and Ellie at Arkansas. I went to Florida's camp recently. I went to LSU's camp this month. Coach Miles talked to me for about an hour, just me and him. I was really impressed with him."

Did Coach Miles ask you to commit during your talk? "He said that would be great if I did (laugh). He just told me how badly they needed some WR's."

What did Coach Orgeron say to you? "Man, he was real surprised I called him. He was impressed with my ability to get to the ball and my determination. He wants me to call him once a week so we can keep in touch. He was real impressed with me at their camp."

What did Coach Ellie say? "He just wants me to give them a chance. He wants me to come check it out, see what it has to offer, and go from there. He also told me how bad they needed some WR's."

If you were to set all five of your official visits today; who would they be? "I would not say LSU or Ole Miss because I have already been there so many times. I pretty much know everything I need to know about them, but they are definitely two of my top schools. Excluding them, I would say Florida State, Florida, UCLA, and Tennessee. The fifth one, I am still undecided."

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