Practice Report: Two-a-days end

Loud cheers erupted from the team when the final horn blew to signify the end of two-a-day practices. That was followed by the players dumping ice water on Coach Ed Orgeron and some of the seniors and assistant coaches. Everyone was happy after today's 2-hour, 15-minute scrimmage in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Read about it inside.

The end of two-a-days was a celebration for more reasons than one this afternoon at the end of a 2-hour, 15-minute scrimmage on Hollingsworth Field in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

One, the grind of twice-daily practices was over.

Two, the team gutted it out and ended two-a-days with a very good scrimmage, perhaps their best workout of the summer camp to date.

"The boys are happy for some reason," deadpanned a drenched Coach O. "I'm really pleased with the way this day went. Our guys settled down and played football. We ran mostly base defense and offense, kept it simple and turned them loose. I thought they responded well.

"We wanted to find out about our running backs and I think both Jamal Pittman and Brandon Jacobs showed they want to play this year. The defense responded when they were supposed to. About the only thing I was disappointed in was the penalties we had. We have to eliminate those."

This morning, Orgeron said this scrimmage would go a long way in determining a starting QB. He hedged when asked who, between Micheal Spurlock and Robert Lane, came out on top today.

"I'll have to look at the films, but from my viewpoint, they were both pretty good," he stated. "I was calling defensive signals and really didn't see everything I wanted to, but I know they both drove their offenses to scores a couple of times and made some big plays."

Individually, on defense, 'O' signled out a few players.

"I thought DT McKinley Boykin had a good scrimmage and made a couple of real big plays. Patrick Willis comes to work every day and today was no different," he continued. "DE Jayme Mitchell made a couple of big plays and looked better. With Michael Bozeman out, I thought Jeremy Garrett did a nice job filling in for him and that was good to see for depth reasons. OLB Quentin Taylor started with Kelvin Robinson being out and did a good job. Overall, I thought our secondary was on top of things.

"DE LeRon King came off the edge real fast today and made some good plays, DE Lamark Armour showed up well. It was great to have WR Taye Biddle back - the TD catch he made was very good and shows what he brings to the table. DE Reterio Brown is back and I think he had a QB sack late in the scrimmage."

Random Notes:

* Biddle and Brown have been cleared academically and are eligible to play.

* Players who did not practice today were: DT Michael Bozeman, LB Kelvin Robinson, LB Marquis McBeath, TB Kendrick Perry, CB Josh Braithwaite, WR Milton Collins, C Darryl Harris, OG David Traxler, WR Matt Pierce, WR J.D. Lawhorn, OT Reid Neely, CB Dustin Mouzon, PK Justin Sparks, OL Ryan Jones and DB Bryant Thomas.

* Back off th injury list, and showing up very well, was DE Corvelli Haynes, who had several big plays.

* Chancellor Robert Khayat and AD Pete Boone addressed the team prior to practice. . . ESPN announcer Ron Franklin and color analyst Bob Davie were in attendance also.

* In kickoff drills, Will Moseley had four kicks, three out of the end zone. The other was to the one yard line. . . On one return, Mike Espy brought it back 42 yards before being tackled by Moseley, who saved a TD. On another, Larry Kendrick had a 62-yard return.

* In punt drills, Moseley had a 48-yarder and a 43-yarder. . . Frosh Rob Park pooch punted from the 41 to the four.

Scrimmage recap:

Ones starting at own 35: Pittman for 21, Pittman for 1 (Willis, Mitchell on the stop), Pittman for first down at defense 43 (Taylor on stop, inadvertent facemask penalty). . . Spurlock to TE Robert Hough to the 19 on 21-yard gain. Reverse to Taye Biddle for a TD. . . Matt Hinkle PAT good!. . . 5 plays, 65 yards.

Ones starting at own 35: Pittman 1 (Travis Johnson), Pittman 3 (Willis), Trumaine McBride pass breakup. . . Defense goes three-and out.

Ones starting at own 35: Spurlock to Espy 16, Suprlock keep for 1 (Johnson), Pittman for 2 (Garrett), Spurlock to Biddle to 36 for first down gain of 10, Spurlock to Hill for 7, Pittman 2 (Pack), Spurlock keep for TD, but Coach O brought it back for practice sake. Fourth-and-3 at the 27 - Spurlock to Espy for 4, Spurlock to Lilly for 12 (Sanford), Pittman 4, Pittman -1 (Willis), Spurlock to Espy TD. . . Hinkle PAT good!

(Some players who were playing with the ones: Garrett at DT, Taylor at OLB, Wicker at LG, Bonds at C)

* Twos at their own 35: Brandon Jacobs -1 (Dontae Reed), Jacobs 3 (Peria Jerry), Lane run for 30, Antonio Turner for 3 (Robert Russell), Jacobs for 18, Lane bootleg for TD. . .Hinkle PAT Good!. . . 6 plays, 65 yards.

* Twos at their own 35: Jacobs 2 (Jerry), Lane to Hough 19, Jacobs 5 (Terell Jackson), interference on B. Brown, Jacobs -2 (B. Brown), Jacobs 10, Sack of Lane by DT Dedrick Clark -15. . . 55 field goal attempt by Moseley no good.

* Ones at defense's 40: Pittman 8, Pittman -2 (Sanford), Spurlock sacked by host. . . Defensive stop.

* Ones at defense's 40: Spurlock to Espy 5 (Charles Clark), Spurlock to Hill 16, Spurlock to Larry Kendrick 11, FB Jason Cook 1, Pittman 0 (Nate Banks), (4th-and-3) Pittman 2 1/2 (Willis). . . Defense holds.

* Twos at defense's 40 with Ethan Flatt at QB: Throw away under pressure, Jacobs -5 (Corvelli Haynes), pressure by Lamarck Armour throw away pass to avoid sack. . . Defense held.

* Twos at defense's 40 with Flatt at QB: Jacobs 8, Jacobs 3, Jacobs 9, incomplete flat pass to Seth Michaelson, Jacobs 1, Jacobs 10, Jacobs -1 (Jenkins), Jacobs -1 (Russell), Flatt to Tunrer 4 (Rogers Loche). . . 24 field goal no good by Hinkle - hit left crossbar. . . Defense holds.

* Ones starting at own 5 with Lane at QB: Cook 5 (Taylor), Pittman 0 (Willis), Pittman -2 (Boykin). . . Defense holds.

* Ones at own 5 with Lane at QB: Pittman 3 (McBride), Pittman 6, Pittman on third-and-inches gets it by inches (Pack), reverse to Mario Hill 9, hold on offense on the play, 1st and 12 at 13: Kendrick on screen hit by Taylor fumbles Mitchell covers. . . Defense holds.

* Twos at own 5 with Flatt at QB: Jacobs -1 (Armour), incomplete screen knocked down by Haynes, safety on sack by Haynes. . . Defense holds.

* Twos at own 5 with Flatt at QB: Flatt to Espy for 12, Flatt to Biddle for 12, Flatt to Espy for 23, Jacobs -2 (Dedrick Clark), Jacobs -2 (Haynes), Flatt to Biddle 46 TD. . . No PAT attempt.

* Threes from own 35 with Billy Tapp at QB: Turner 2 (Kevin Jordan), Burnell Wallace dropped pass, QB sack Reterio Brown. . . Defense holds.

* Threes from own 35 with Taylor Mazzone at QB: Turner 1 (D. Clark, LeRon King), incomplete screen pressure from King, draw to Turner for 24, Mazzone to Hough 14, Turner 3, Turner -3 (Jenkins), King sack.

* When asked about the play of the QBs, OC Noel Mazzone said he was pleased with Spurlock and Lane and that Flatt did some good things as well.

"Micheal did what I have been asking him to do today - he slowed things down and ran the offense very well," Mazzone said. "Robert also did some good things and can definitely run this offense now. Ethan had good moments too."

* The Rebs will practice at 2:45 p.m. tomorrow, 8:45 a.m. Friday and have a "big" scrimmage Saturday morning on Meet The rebels' Day at 8:45 a.m. Coach O said Saturday's time was tentative, but it would be in that "range."

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