Corderick Govan names two leaders

Corderick Govan (LB, Charleston, MS) - Mississippi's Region 2(3A) Defensive Player of the Year was leaning towards committing to Ole Miss back in May, but it looks like the Rebs have a "dog" fight on their hands, as MSU has joined Ole Miss as the leader for Govan's services.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Corderick Govan:

Which camps did you get a chance to attend this summer? "I only made it to the Ole Miss camp at the Nike combine at Ole Miss. I missed the MSU camp because I pulled a hamstring, but I am ready now. I have been practicing full speed, and I am ready to go."

What most have you improved on this offseason? "Just being a better player and leader. I have improved on my speed at linebacker too. I feel like I am one of the best in the state (of Mississippi)."

Have you ever played safety during your high school career? "I played a little strong safety during the Spring the year before (last). I have the speed for safety."

Which position do you feel like you will end up on the collegiate level, safety or linebacker? "Mostly linebacker, but if I do not get any bigger, then I will need to play safety."

What are you weighing these days? "The same, around 195."

Any new offers since we last spoke? "Still Ole Miss, MSU, USM, Memphis, and Alabama. Tennessee is looking at me real hard, but they have not offered me yet."

Which colleges are you staying in contact with the most? "Ole Miss, Memphis, and MSU. Those are the main ones."

Who do you feel wants you the most? "I feel like it is Ole Miss and MSU."

Are Ole Miss and MSU your top two schools? "Yes sir, most definitely."

What are the differences between the two schools? "I think Ole Miss' practices are more energetic and fast. They do everything wide open. At MSU, it is real laid back and more about teaching, and at Ole Miss, it is more about conditioning. I do not have any problem with either style. That is just the way I see it."

Which coaches have you developed a tight bond? "Coach Helton at Memphis, Haley at MSU, and Hughes at Ole Miss."

Do you feel like you have developed a tighter bond with one more than the other two? "Not really because they are all good coaches. I just do not put one coach over the other. They are all good coaches."

Corderick carries a 2.9 GPA and a 17 on the ACT.

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