Aubrey McPhadden will sit out this season

Aubrey McPhadden (OT, East MS CC, MS) - Aubrey was informed on Sunday that his scholarship money would be taken away because of an unclear ruling.

What turns out to be an unfortunate situation for the former Florida State signee, is actually going to be a positive for Ole Miss, as Aubrey will now have 3 to play 3 for the University of Mississippi..

The following information was revealed during our interview with Aubrey McPhadden:

Rumor has it that you are leaving East MS CC? "No, I am just going to stay here and go to school. I will be graduating in December."

What happened? "I do not know exactly. It was a member thing on out of state scholarships. They signed a whole bunch of instate freshmen, and they get priority over the scholarship money. It is something like that. I do not know."

What did they say to you? "They just said they had to let me go. That was really about it."

When did this take place? "Last Sunday."

Do you still plan to sign with Ole Miss in December? "Oh yea, most definitely. Me and Korey (Raymond) are still coming."

What did Ole Miss tell you when they heard about this? "They just told me to keep my head up and keep going to school. They said I would have three years to play for them, so it is really not a bad thing. Coach Orgeron has really kept my spirits up through this whole process."

Are you still hearing from the schools who were recruiting you before you committed to Ole Miss? "Not really. When I told everyone that I committed to Ole Miss way back, they pretty much stopped calling and writing."

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