Practice Report: Friday

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron, trying to get the Rebels accustomed to what a game week Friday is going to be like, held a one-hour walk through practice this afternoon on the practice field (field 1) where tomorrow morning's 8:45 scrimmage will be held.

Rebel Football Coach Ed Orgeron has a "big" scrimmage planned for tomorrow morning at 8:45. He's calling it a "game."

When the real games roll around, Friday practices will be walk throughs, so he held one of those today to show the team what the day before the games will be like.

"What we did today is exactly what we will do every Friday before Saturday games except we will not wear helmets like we did today," Orgeron noted. "It's all about polishing and addressing the things that need to be addressed."

Tomorrow's scrimmage will cover a lot of ground, according to Coach O.

"We will go through a lot of special teams situations and will have a scrimmage similar to last Wednesday's scrimmage, except we will run a lot more plays," he explained. "This will be a very important scrimmage for us."

Random notes from today:

* Even a "walk through" with Coach O has a high intensity level. Very few players "walking" and everyone on the sidelines paying attention. Only Orgeron could make a "walk through" interesting to watch.

* The following players did not go through the walk through due to injury or heat-related problems. It is anticipated they will not scrimmage tomorrow either, but there may be an exception or two. . . OG David Traxler, WR Matt Pierce, DB Bryant Thomas, CB Dusin Mouzon, CB Josh Braithwaite, OL Ryan Jones, OT Reid Neely, WR J.D. Lawhorn, C Darryl Harris, OG Maurice Miller, TB Alan Abrams, OLB Kelvin Robinson, WR Milton Collins.

* Players who returned to practice today after missing time recently were: PK Justin Sparks, DE Chris Bowers and OG Thomas Eckers.

* Today, as the Rebs were running through the plays they will use tomorrow, Tony Bonds and Ben Boyce split time at number one center. . . Frosh Qeuntin Taylor was in the lingup for K-Rob. . . Andrew Wicker was filling Traxler's void. . . Corvelli Haynes worked with the one defense in Bowers' place.

* An intersting note was the use - today - of frosh DE LeRon King. In some sets, he was actually running with the first defense. We wonder if King will be a pass rush specialist this season. Even though he is small, he has shown a real knack of getting to the QB in passing situations because he is so fast off the ball and around the corner. We'll see.

* A player who has drawn nothing but praise all August camp is junior Free Safety Charles Clark. We talked with him briefly on his progress after today's workout.

"I've had a good camp, I think," said the personable Clark, who has always been known for his intelligence on and off the football field. "I got a basic grasp of the defense in spring and fine-tuned some things this summer so I would be ready for August camp.

"I wanted to make sure that I would know my assignments and be able to help my teammates with theirs. (SS) Jamarca (Sanford) doesn't have much experience, so I felt I needed to be able to answer all his questions and help him out, so I learned his position too."

That may sound like a lot to absorb, but Clark said it wasn't really that difficult.

"This defensive concept is much easier to learn. For the FS and SS, we are either up or back. If we are up, we concetrate on run first pass second. If we are back, vice-versa," he explained. "In other systems, safeties have to be aware of both run and pass equally at all times. This is much easier to learn and to execute."

Charles said Jamarca has been a good student and is ready to go.

"He's doing very well. We spend extra time together going over our assignments and we are really starting to get tuned in to each other. We can almost adjust with body language now instead of having to be so verbal," he stated. "We have a feel for each other."

Clark believes it's also beneficial to all that the three corners who are currently in the rotation - Trumaine McBride, Travis Johnson and Nate Banks - are all experienced players.

"Their experience and my experience helps Jamarca and allows us to be a cohesive unit back there. We are getting things down pat," Clark continued. "The main thing we need to keep working on, individually and as a unit, is our recognition of plays and formations.

"I have to make the secondary checks, and so does Jamarca in certain situations, but I think we've mastered those pretty well, or at least we have time to before the first game."

* The Rebels will scrimamge on practice field 1 at 8:45 in the morning.

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