Nearing a decision?

Justin Woodall (DB, Oxford, MS) - One of Mississippi's top athletes, if not the state's top athlete, has built up quite an impressive list of offers. Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, Tennessee, and LSU have extended a scholarship offer.Which way is Justin Leaning?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Justin Woodall:

How is practice going? "Hot (laugh)."

What most have you improved on during the offseason? "I have probably learned the game a little more."

We hear you have been moved to QB on offense? "Yea. It looks that way."

How do you like playing QB? "I have a handle on it now. I can play it. I do not know. It is going to be good."

Will you still be starting at free safety on defense? "Yes sir."

Which camps did you attend this summer? "Ole Miss, MSU, Memphis, and Alabama."

Who is the latest school to offer? "Tennessee."

Your offer list now looks like? "MSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, Memphis, and Tennessee."

Which colleges kept up with you the most this summer? "Ole Miss, Alabama, MSU, and really all of the that I just named."

Who have you personally called this summer? "I called Tennessee but they were not at the office. I have called Coaches Croom at MSU, Orgeron at Ole Miss, and Woods at Alabama."

Have you been on any unofficial visits? "I have been over to Ole Miss a few times."

Which colleges are now at the top of your list? "Ole Miss, MSU, and Alabama. I will see who calls on September 1st, when they can start calling us back. I might make a decision shortly after that."

Are you leaning in any one direction? "I think I have a good idea (laugh). I might even wait until after my season is over. It all depends."

Care to name your leader? "Well (laugh), I really should not do that. I will just wait."

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