Practice Report: Saturday play by play

The following is the play by play of the Saturday scrimmage. The scrimmage was situational, and drives started from different yard lines. Defensive players who made stops are in parenthesis.

Brandon Jacobs rush for 4 yards

Jacobs rush for 12 yards (Jamarca Sanford)

Micheal Spurlock keeps for 5 yards. (Charles Clark)

Spurlock rolls and is sacked for 8-yard loss (Michael Bozeman, Jayme Mitchell)

Jacobs rushes for 2 yards (Patrick Willis)

Spurlock passes to Mike Espy for 10 yards (Peria Jerry)

Jacobs carries for no gain (Patrick Willis)

Spurlock rolls out and is sacked by McKinley Boykin. There is also a facemask call on the play.

Jacobs rushes for 5 yards (Boykin)

Jacobs for no gain (Bozeman)

Jacobs for 1 yard (Willis, Sanford)

Spurlock passes incomplete to Mario Hill (Trumaine McBride)

Robert Lane enters and hands off to Jamal Pittman for 4 yards (Dontae Reed)

Lane passes to Carlos Suggs for 10 yards (Kareem Moore)

Pittman for no gain, fumbles, recovered by TE Jimmy Brooks who picks up 5 yards after the recovery

Lane passes to FB Jason Cook for 14 yards (Kareem Moore, Keith Houston)

Illegal procedure before snap, then Jacobs rumbles for 17 yards

Lane incomplete for Espy (Nate Banks)

Pittman for no gain (Dontae Reed)

Lane rolls right and keeps for 13 yards (Gary Albury)

Lane overthrows Suggs

Pittman rushes for 2 yards (Jeremy Garrett, Robert Russell)

Mario Hill loses 2 yards (Russell, Gary Riggs)

Matt Hinkle connects on a 27-yard field goal; drive started at own 35 and stalled at other 10

Lane stays in the scrimmage with the ones. Flag before first snap. Illegal procedure.

Lane passes incomplete to Espy, almost picked off by Garry Pack

Lane complete to Robert Hough for 10 yards (Pack) but flag negates play; holding

Lane complete to Jason Cook for eight yards as he dumps it over the middle (Pack)

Sanford sacks Lane for minus 4

Lane remains in for a new set of down and series

Taye Biddle carried for a 2-yard gain (Travis Johnson)

Jacobs tripped and lost a yard

Lane hit Espy for three yards (B. Brown)

New series with Ethan Flatt at QB

Pittman rushes for 2 yards (Lamark Armour)

Flatt, under heavy rush, overthrows Seth Michaelson

Lane completes 15-yard pass on third and eight to Larry Kendrick (Kareem Moore)

Flatt passes to Suggs for six yards across the middle (Terrell Jackson)

Pittman rushes for eight yards (Keith Houtson)

Pittman rushes for 1 yard (Robert Russell)

Flatt passes to Burnell Wallace for 6 yards (swarm of Rebel defenders)

On third and goal at the 2, Flatt dropped the ball after the snap, picked it up, and overthrew Suggs in the end zone

One fourth down Flatt threw in the end zone for TE Lawrence Lilly who couldn't hang to a pass at his finger tips

Punt drills were next as Will Moseley punted for 21 yards, had the second one blocked by Hirma White who also recovered it, punted for 33 yards, then for 51 yards, and 43 yards

Spurlock was back in and passed to Espy for 5 yards (Trumaine McBride)

Spurlock passed to Hill for 12 yards and a first down (Travis Johnson)

Jacons gains 3 yards (Bozeman)

Spurlock passes to Hill for 11 yards and a first down

Spurlock pass incomplete for Espy but inteference is called on McBride, first down after 15 yard penalty

Spurlock sacked for minus 4

Spurlock passes to Biddle for 4 yards (Pack)

Spurlock incomplete for Hill

Moseley kicks a 51-yard field goal

On the new series, Spurlock remains the quarterback

Spurlock incomplete to Biddle (Travis Johnson)

Jacobs minus 5 and a hold is called on offense

Spurlock incomplete to Espy (McBride)

New series with Lane at QB

Lane incomplete to Suggs (Nate Banks)

Pittman gains 7 on a rush (Terrell Jackson)

Lane completes pass to Wallace for 6 yards

Lane sacked for 10-yard loss (Robert Russell, others)

Illegal proceedure before the snap, then Lane throws high and incomplete for Wallace

On third and long Lane keeps around end for 5 yards

New series with Spurlock in

Spurlock incomplete for Biddle (McBride)

Pittman loses 5 yards (Pack)

Spurlock passes across the middle to Biddle for 15 yards

Spurlock incomplete to Biddle

Spurlock coplete to Espy for 10 yards

Spurlock keeps and gains 10 yards

Spurlock loses 8 yards on a corner blitz (MvBride)

Pittman gains 8 yards on a rush (swarm of defenders)

Spurlock keeps and turns it upfield for 17 yards (Brown, Willis)

Spurlock passes to Hill for 8 yards

Spurlock pitches to Pittman for no gain, flag, holding on offense

Spurlock tries to flip it inside to Wallace but is incomplete

Spurlock passes to Biddle for 5 yards (McBride)

On fourth and seven from the 15-yard line, Matt Hinkle is good on a 23-yarder

Flatt in for the next series and it produces the first touchdown of the scrimmage

Flatt passes to Wallace for 15 yards

Antonio Turner rushes for 7 yards (Houston)

Flatt connected with Kendrick for a 15 yard gain

Flatt connects with Espy for 26 yards to the 4-yard line

Turner takes it in from the 4

Hinkle is good on the PAT

Spurlock is back in for what proves to be the second touchdown drive of the day

Spurlock hands off to Pittman for a yard

Spurlock passes to Biddle for 16 yards( Charles Clark)

Spurlock rolls left and keeps for 13 yards

Pittman gains 16 on a handoff from Spurlock

Spurlock then was stopped for no gain (B. Brown)

Pittman rushed for 3 yards and a touchdown.

Hinkle was good on the point after

Spurlock was back in and threw to Jimmy Brooks for 8 yards, fumbled, and the ball was picked up by defender Patrick Willis who gained 10 yards after the fumble

Lane threw complete to Wallace for 15 yards (Chris Bowers)

Lane complete to Wallace for 8 yards (Riggs)

Lane keeps for 5 yards

Lane incomplete

Turner minus 5 yards on a carry (Viciente DeLoach)

Lane sacked for 7 yard loss (Jeremy Garrett)

Moseley 51-yard field goal blocked

In what Coach O called OT drills, the team started at the 25-yard line going in

Spurlock incomplete

Spurlock to Espy for 5 yards (Nate Banks)

Spurlock incomplete

Fourth and 5 at the 20, Hinkle connects on a 37-yard field goal

Lane under center as Turner gains a yard

Turner loses 3 yards (Terrell Jackson)

Flag, delay of game

Another flag on the snap

Lane to Suggs for 2 yards

Moseley misses a 52-yard field goal just wide right

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