Practice Report: Thursday afternoon

The Rebs worked Thursday in shorts, pads, and helmets. Coach Ed Orgeron called it a usual Thursday gameweek practice.

The Ole Miss Rebels had what Coach Ed Orgeron called "our usual Thursday practice" as they worked for a couple of hours in the IPF Thursday afternoon.

Rain in the area early in the afternoon forced the Rebels to abandon the practice fields and move inside.

"This is like a Thursday practice during the season," Orgeron said. "We're getting ready for another preseason game on Saturday. This was a typical Thursday practice."

After a lot of contact Wednesday, Thursday's work was in shorts, pads, and helmets.

Notes from practice:

Scouts from both New York NFL teams were there today. The Giants scout said Eli's elbow appears to be OK but that they will hold him out of action this weekend.

Junior LB Keith Houston worked some today at receiver. "We'll put him at tight end or wide receiver and see if he can help us," said Orgeron of Houston, who caught at least one pass in the drills Thursday afternoon and was in on a few other plays at receiver. "He did a good job and maybe he can help us out there."

Mike Espy's dad Michael, was one of the visitors at practice today.

Players out of action today were WR Matt Pierce, CB Dustin Mouzon, DB Bryant Thomas, OG Andrew Wicker, C Darryl Harris, OT Reid Neely, OL Ryan Jones, WR Milton Collins.

TE Robert Hough continued to wear a blue no-contact jersey. OL David Traxler was dressed and working some today.

The Rebels will workout again Friday afternoon and on Saturday afternoon will conduct a game-type scrimmage. "It won't be ones against ones," Orgeron said. "We'll be simulating the other team. It will be more like a game. The coaches are going to be in the box getting all our substitutions down, things like that. We'll kick it off at 3:30, just like the game."

The Rebels started today's work with offense on one end of the IPF and defense on the other with some unit drills. They worked on correcting mistakes from yesterday's practice as well as other things that showed up on film today while also adding any new wrinkles to the offense or defense.

Defensively, Chris Bowers worked early in the drills at No. 1 LEO with Corvelli Haynes also getting some reps there. Kelvin Robinson was at WLB No. 1 also early in the drills but remains in a battle with Quentin Taylor.

The Rebs then went through some special teams walk-through type situations, lining up and getting into position more than actually going through a full-fledged drill or play. They would line up and get set on one play and then move to the next.

While special teams work was ongoing, Noel Mazzone instructed the quarterbacks in one corner of the IPF, and George DeLeone did the same with his offensive linemen in another corner.

Special teams work continued with Will Moseley and Matt Hinkle kicking off with various types of kicks ranging from long to short to squib.

After special teams work, the Rebels went through a period of agility drills before moving into some position drills with their respective coaches and also some fundamental work.

There was some skeleton drill work – offense with no defense and D with no O as the coaches on each side of the ball worked on several routes and situations. The offense spent more time on the running game, although there was one nice catch that drew some oohs and aahs from onlookers – a reception by Carlos Suggs from Micheal Spurlock during the drills.

Defensively during this time the defenders worked on their end of the field mainly on pass rush and pass coverage.

The wide receiver rotation of Mario Hill, Taye Biddle, Mike Espy, and Larry Kendrick remained throughout.

In a short-field (40 yards in) drill, Spurlock hit Espy for 20 yards….Spurlock hit Biddle for 25 yards on a nice sideline catch….Spurlock overthrew his receiver….Spurlock to Espy for 10 in the right flat….Spurlock was incomplete to Biddle….Spurlock to Espy for 15 yards and a touchdown….From the 3-yard line Spurlock hands off to Brandon Jacobs for three yards and a score….Robert Lane hands off to Pittman up the middle….Lane hit Mario Hill for 8 yards….Lane threw incomplete….Jacobs took a handoff from Lane….Spurlock was incomplete to Biddle….Spurlock to Espy for 7 yards….Spurlock to Larry Kendrick for 10 yards

The previous drills appeared to be shuffling a lot of people in and out as the coaches looked at various combinations on offense.

The Rebel special teams then worked on some things they felt Memphis would be doing with its special teams. Espy, Kendrick, B. Brown, and Mario Hill all were returning various punts and kicks.

The offense and defense then lined up for some situation work. Spurlock to Espy for 10 yards….Spurlock kept for 5 yards….Spurlock to Espy for 10 (Jamarca Sanford)….Lane to Suggs broken up 30 yards downfield by Nate Banks….Lane to Hill for 80 yards and touchdown with the pass thrown to about his own 40 as Hill outraced the defenders the final 60….Lane to Keith Houston for 6 yards….Lane scrambles and keeps for 20 yards….Spurlock sacked (Michael Bozeman)….Spurlock keeps for 10 (Garry Pack)….Spurlock to Kendrick for 6 yards to the sideline….Spurlock for no gain….Ethan Flatt hands off to Jacobs for a yard….Flatt to Espy for 15 yards….Flatt to Biddle for 15 yards (Robert Russell)….Flatt pitches back to Mico McSwain for 15 yards down the far sideline….Spurlock to Hill for 35 yards (caught even though good coverage by Travis Johnson)….Spurlock sacked (Bozeman)….Spurlock hands off to Jamal Pittman for a short gain (Bozeman) ….Spurlock dumps it over the middle for Hill for a short gain (Jayme Mitchell).

The Rebels are set to work again Friday at 3:45 p.m.

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