SEC battle for top DT?

L.T. Walker (DT, Wynne, AR) - We were able to catch up with one of the top defensive tackles in the country.

The following information was revealed during our interview with L.T. Walker:

Where did you camp at this summer? "I did not camp anywhere this summer. I decided to work instead."

How are two a days going for you? "Fine, but it is real hot (laugh). The work has been going real good though."

What most have you improved on during the offseason? "My leadership skills. I am much more vocal now. I have been working on everything this summer, just everything."

When does your season start? "September 2nd against Searcy (AR)."

Any new offers this summer? "No sir, just the same schools."

Which colleges have been keeping in touch with you this summer? "All of them. Arkansas, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Oregon, and Florida State. They send me a lot of mail."

Which staffs have you been calling during the dead period? "The last coach I talked to was Coach Caldwell at Tennessee. I called the head coaches at Florida State, Ole Miss, and Arkansas too."

All of these colleges have offered you? "All of them except FSU."

What did Coach Bowden say about your scholarship status when you last called him? "He wase talking about one, but I have never seen one, so."

Which colleges want you the most in your opinion? "The same schools, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. They have recruited me the hardest from the start."

One of these three schools is not recruiting you harder than the other two? "No sir, they all three recruit me in the same way. That is why they are up there."

Which college games will you attend this fall? "I am going to schedule my visits this weekend."

Which colleges will you visit? "I have already been up to Arkansas and Ole Miss a couple of times, but I have not been to Tennessee yet. I think I am going to one of Tennessee's games."

When was your last visit to Ole Miss? "For the Nike Camp."

What were your impressions? "They have a real nice stadium, campus, weight room, and field. They also have a nice (basketball) arena. I do not know. It is just so nice and down to earth at Ole Miss."

When was the last time you went to Arkansas? "I went in for an unofficial visit a few weeks back. They showed me around."

Your impressions? "They got probably the best weight room in the country. It is over a 100 yards long. It is massive. They have some new practice fields and a great stadium."

What will you for when it comes decision time? "I want to go somewhere where I can get my education. The football side of things will work itself out. I also want a coach who can step my game up to the next level. Those are the two biggest things."

L.T. carries a 2.9 Core GPA.

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