Practice Report: Saturday

Coach Ed Orgeron put the Rebs through a full day of what game days are going to be like this fall, including position meetings, pregame meals, warmups, etc. He then held a scripted situational scrimmage. Read about it inside.

The Rebels got a taste of a game day routine today when the Ole Miss coaching staff put the team through a game-day simulation, including a 2-hour, 30-minute situational scrimmage.

According to Coach Ed Orgeron, everything went "really well."

"We wanted the team to get a taste of what they will go trough on game days and then follow that up with a scripted situational scrimmage where the focus was on the organizational aspects of a game," Coach O noted. "I thought the simulation went really well. We worked every angle we could think of and it was a good organizational day."

The Rebels worked on communication from the coaches booth in the press box, sudden changes of possession, special teams getting on and off the field quickly, overtime, signaling plays from the sidelines, hurry up offense and defense, substitutions, clock management and various and sundry other things relative to a smooth operation of a football team.

"I thought we did most everything on time and in rhythm. We got our substitutions in there effectively, the clock management was good and the communication from the box was timely and efficient," Orgeron continued. "We wil find a lot of things to continue to work on from today's practice, but I am pleased with the way everything flowed."

Random Notes:

* The coaches in the press box were: OL Coach George DeLeone and GA Grant Heard on offense and DB Coach Tony Hughes and GA Dave Carrao on defense. It appears WR Coach Matt Lubick will handle the chore of signaling in plays from the sidelines to the quarterbacks and LB Coach Shawn Slocum will signal in plays for the defense.

* True frosh Kendrick Perry worked some at fullback today. He has been a tailback all of August camp.

* Senior LT Bobby Harris was not at today's practice due to being at his Mother's wedding.

* The following players did not participate in today's practice: OG Andrew Wicker, C Darryl Harris, OG David Traxler, WR Matt Pierce, WR Milton Collins, DB Bryant Thomas, CB Dustin Mouzon, OL Ryan Jones, OT Reid Neely, TB Alan Abrams. . . Also, sophomore SS Kareem Moore was not at practice today. Coach O said Kareem is tranferring and will not be at Ole Miss any longer. He did not say where Kareem was transferring.

* All last week, TE Robert Hough was held out of contact even though he practiced in full pads. Today, he was allowed to go through full contact.

* TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis "played" Memphis' DeAngelo Williams today in the scrimmage, which had the scout team against the one and two offenses and defenses.

* RB Coach Frank Wilson ran the scout team offense and TE Coach Matt Luke ran the scout team defense for the most part today.

* When the Rebels took the field for the opening kickoff, they chanted in the tunnel "War Time!" repeatedly. Got real loud in an empty stadium.

* In punting today, Will Moseley averaged 42.5 yards on three punts. Freshman Rob Park averaged 40 yards per kick and had an excellent pooch punt inside the 10 on one of his three attempts.

* With the injuries and absences across the front, the Rebel number one OL was manned today by LT Marcus Cohen. Also, frosh Michael Oher got a lot of number one snaps, which Orgeron said was good for those two. "Right now, Marcus is our third tackle, so he needed the reps," said Coach O. "Also, in my mind Oher needs to be a starter. As soon a he is able to grasp everything, he probably will be, but he's not there yet. Like Marcus, today helped him a lot."

* Today, senior LEO Corvelli Haynes got more number one reps than RS freshman Chris Bowers. Orgeron said the senior appears to have gained a slight edge in that battle. "We'll have to look at today's film and look at all our evaluation sheets, but right this minute it appears Corvelli might be the starter," Orgeron noted. "He showed up bigtime today. Chris is doing very well too. That's a good situation. Both will play a lot."

* The scout team didn't have a lot to write home about, but they did present some problems to the top offense and defense. . . Early in the scrimmage, Green-Ellis had a couple of DeAngelo-esque runs, CB Josh Braithwaite picked up a Jamal Pittman fumbled and returned it 50 yards for a score and there were some big hits and a fumble recovery by frosh LeRon King, who was working at linebacker today because of numbers. King is normally a rush DE.

* Orgeron was asked when he might get back some of the injured OL. He thought Traxler would be back next week, but didn't sound to optimistic about getting the rest of the walking wounded back before the opener.

* When asked about his personal anticipation to get the season started - this being his first year as a head coach, Orgeron deflected his answer to a team scope. "I'm more excited about the anticipation of all of us than my own personal anticipation. I'm excited for the coaches and players more than I am for myself, but I'm certainly excited too," he noted.

* It has appeared for two weeks now that SLB Garry Pack has number one sewn up. Orgeron confirmed that today, but did not discount the importance of backup Dontae Reed. "Garry didn't pick up the scheme or work as hard as he should have last spring. He seems to be tuned in now and seems to be enjoying football more than he did in spring. He's our number one guy there, but Dontae is important to us and is still pushing him. Dontae will get snaps and is a big part of our special teams," Ed explained.

* It appears as if Will Moseley will be the number one kickoff guy as well as his placement and punting duties. In three kickoffs today, he hit two into the wind near the goalline and with the wind into the end zone. All three had good hang time.

* We did not do a play-by-play today because all the plays were situational in nature and scripted. We did take some notes on some big plays that were executed, however.

. . . Scout team QB Billy Tapp was picked off by FS Charles Clark on a crossing route to WR J. D. Lawhorn. . . Scout TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis had a gain of 8 on the opening play from scrimmage. . . QB Micheal Spurlock hit Mike Espy for 10, FB Jason Cook for 14 and Espy again for 20 on the first drive. On that march, Pittman also rushed for 8 yards and a 3-yard score. . . On the next possession, Spurlock hit Larrk Kendrick for 21 yards and Espy on a screen for 18, but Pittman fumbled and it was returned by Josh Braithwaite for a 50-yard TD. On the next play, Spurlock was sacked by scout team DT Dedrick Clark. . . Espy caught an 18-yard TD later in the first half. . . Also in the first half, WLB Kelvin Robinson picked off a pass on a deep curl and returned it 30 yards. . . In the second half, QB Robert Lane took over the number one offense and promptly hit Mario Hill for 20 yards and Taye Biddle for 30. . . Running the two offense, QB Ethan Flatt fumbled when he was hit and LeRon King covered the loose ball. . . In two-minute drills, Lane led the Rebs to a score via completions to Biddle, Hill and Espy. Biddle had the TD grab, an 18-yarder.

* The Rebs will have tomorrow off, will practice in full pads Monday and will take Tuesday off. . . Wednesday will start game week preparations and will be like a normal game week Monday practice since the game is on a Monday.

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