Could be Tennessee's top prospect

Graig Cooper (RB, Memphis, TN) - Quick, name the top running backs off of the top of your head.

I bet Graig Cooper's name did not come to mind, but we have a sneaky feeling that could change by the end of the year. Sure, there are a lot of running back prospects with gaudy numbers (rushed for nearly 1,981 yards and 29 TD's last season), but few have Cooper's lateral movement and extra gear that only the great ones have.

Take the first game of the season as an example. Graig rushed for over 160 yards and had a 78 and 60 yard rushing TD's called back. On the 78 yard run, Cooper darted to the left, but was met by two waiting defenders. Graig shifted gears (on a dime at that) and started back to the right. Most high school backs will then try to outrun everyone to the corner but not Graig. In the middle of his run back to the right side, Cooper saw a tiny crease in the middle of the field. He cut back (again, on a dime) and darted up the middle of the field for a 78 yard run.

It is this type of vision, quickness, and speed that makes Graig one of the best all around prospects in the country.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Graig Cooper:

Which camps did you attend this summer? "I went to the Adidas Camp at Tennessee, and I went to the Nike Camp at Miami."

How did your offseason go? "It went good. I feel like I really improved my game."

What have you improved on? "My feet have gotten quicker. My vision is better, and my speed has gotten better."

Which colleges have now offered you a scholarship? "Tennessee, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Vandy, Louisville, Tennessee State, Oklahoma State, and Nebraska. I have eight scholarships so far."

Who is recruiting you the hardest? "Everybody that has offered me is recruiting me real hard, and a couple of more schools like LSU and Miami."

Which coach(s) have you developed a tight relationship with? "I have not talked to any coaches. They start calling us on September 1st."

You have not spoken to any coaches on the phone yet? "I get some phone calls from Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Nebraska, but I have not developed a tight bond with any of them. But, I do have a friend who is on the Oklahoma State staff. I played ball with him my sophomore year, and he went to Oklahoma State and got hurt. He is now on their staff. His name is Steve Dunn."

Which colleges are you keeping a close eye on? "I could not tell you right now. I am going to make my decision after I take my visits."

Who would you like to visit? "I would probably visit Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Georgia, and Miami. But, I have not set up anything yet, it could be five different schools next week."

Graig carries a 2.8 GPA.

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