Derrick Odom talks recruiting

Derrick Odom (LB, Jackson, MS) - Some could argue that Mississippi's top overall prospect is Jackson Callaway's Derrick Odom.He is what you term as a true "blue chip" prospect because of not only his skills but his productivity (108 tackles, 12 sacks, 1 interception, 6 fumble recoveries and 12 forced fumbles) on the field. Where will Odom take his talents to next?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Derrick Odom:

How did your offseason go? "It went fine. I think I learned a lot about my game this summer. I look forward to sharpening my skills on the field this year."

What did you learn? "I learned a lot of new techniques at the camps this summer. I saw that I could compete against the best of the best at the various combines. I just gained a lot of confidence this summer."

Where did you camp? "I went to the Nike (Ole Miss), Scout (MSU), Ole Miss (SR), LSU (SR), USM (SR), and Auburn (SR) was the last camp I went to."

Where did you perform the best? "It would probably be the USM camp. I did real well. I ran a 4.46 forty. That was my fastest time at all of the camps and combines. I also had a 36" vertical at the Southern (Mississippi) camp."

Any new offers? "No sir, still the same schools. Ole Miss, USM, LSU, and Iowa State. I have been talking to Alabama and Auburn a lot more now though. I talk to Coach Blake (Nebraska) a good bit too."

Derrick Odom
Which coaches have you called during the summer months? "I call everyone when I get a chance. I just pick someone randomly and see how they and their programs are doing."

Like who? "I call Ole Miss, USM, LSU, and Iowa State on a regular basis. I have started to talk to Alabama and Nebraska a little more lately."

Which coach(s) have you developed a tight bond with? "At every school, I have a certain bond with each coach, but there is not anyone who stands out yet. Everyone is about the same."

Which colleges have caught your eye so far? "The ones I have been calling are standing out the most."

You said you begun to talk to Alabama more recently; talk about the Tide. "The main thing is how productive I would be there. That is my main concern, starting time. And another big thing is academics, so I can be eligible. But with Alabama, the main thing is starting time. That is what we talk about. They think I will start from day one if I go there. They said it is just up to me."

Who else is talking good about playing time? "Basically everyone says I will start next year."

Have you set up any official visits yet? "No sir, but I do know four schools I will be going to. I just have not set up the dates yet. That is what I am waiting on."

Who are the four schools? "Definitely LSU, USM, Ole Miss, and I am thinking about going to Iowa State. It would be a long trip, but it would not bother me at all. They have shown me a lot of interest from the start, so I want to give them the respect by at least seeing what they have to offer."

Derrick carries a 2.7 GPA and a 17 on the ACT.

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