Practice Report: Thursday afternoon

The Ole Miss Rebels worked two hours and 15 minutes Thursday on a "Tuesday" practice since Monday is gameday this time around.

Coach Ed Orgeron was pleased with his Rebels' Tuesday practice today – which was obviously Thursday. With gameday being Monday, this wqas like a Tuesday of a regular gameweek.

"I thought it was a good practice today," he said. "It was a good, crisp practice. I loved practice today."

Several players were missing from today's practice and as best we can tell all the following were attending funerals of family or friends: Jamarca Sanford, Retario Brown, Peria Jerry, and Will Moseley.

Junior linebacker Patrick Willis was in a blue jersey signifying no contact. He was involved in drills with no contact. Darryl Harris and Matt Pierce practiced in blue today. Andrew Wicker, Milton Collins, Reid Neely, and Ryan Jones were not dressed out at all for practice.

Redshirt freshman DB Dustin Mouzon practiced with a large wrap on his arm.

Junior Dedrick Clark was back with the defense today after being on the other side of the ball earlier.

The quarterback situation is still either Micheal Spurlock or Robert Lane with both getting about equal reps today. Orgeron said it's still wait and see on who starts Monday in Memphis.

"Both played really good," Orgeron said. "I want to go back and look at it. I really believe it is about a tie right now. We'll have to make a decision. It's really close in our minds. Intangibles (are a determining factor) and looking at the whole picture. It's going to come down to my decision. I will listen to the staff, but I will make the decision. And I'm sure it will be the right decision."

With the absence of some key players, others stepped in. For example Robert Russell practiced mostly in Patrick Willis' MLB spot. Freshman Rogers Loche was in a black jersey at No. 2 MLB. Brown and Gary Riggs were at Sanford's SS spot. Bryant Thomas got some reps at the No. 2 spot.

Jamal Pittman got most of the reps at the No. 1 RB position. Alan Abrams was mostly with the 2s.

Early on in passing drills, Trumaine McBride made a nice interception of a Micheal Spurlock pass.

In 7-on-7 drills: Lane overthrew Mike Espy….Lane was intercepted by B. Brown….Spurlock was complete to Taye Biddle for 5 yards….Spurlock overthrew Biddle….Spurlock was incomplete….Spurlock complete to Alan Abrams out of the backfield for 10 yards….Spurlock to Espy for 10….Spurlock incomplete to Mario Hill (breakup by Trumaine McBride)….Spurlock incompete….Spurlock to Hill for 6 (Kelvin Robinson).

The Lane returned and immediately hit Larry Kendrick for 15 yards (Gary Riggs)….Lane to Carlos Suggs for 4 yards….Lane to Suggs for 15….Lane incomplete (tipped away nicely by Roggs).

Spurlock retunred to the field and hit Espy for 18 yards (Charles Clark)….Spurlock to Abrams for 15….Spurlock to Kendrick for 10 (good catch in nice coverage)….Spurlock to Suggs for 10 (Garry Pack).

With Moseley absent, Matt Hinkle got all placekicks and was 4-for-4 – from 18, 28, 30, and 41 yards.

Full team scrimmage followed: Spurlock to Biddle but dropped, incomplete….Spurlock to Biddle for 10 yards on a screen (Bryant Thomas)….Spurlock to Kendrick for 12 (Thomas).

Then Lane to Jimmy Brooks for 4 yards (Nate Banks)….Lane sacked by Riggs….Lane to Biddle for 10 (Tyson Andrus)….Spurlock incomplete for Pittman on a screen….Spurlockincomplete for Biddle….Spurlock scrambles, gains 10 (Trumain McBride)….Spurlock to Suggs for 9 (Travis Johnson).

Lane incomplete to Biddle, dropped….Lane incomplete to Biddle (good coverage by Dustin Mouzon, large hand wrap and all)….Defenseive pressure causes Lane to fumble the ball as his throwing motion begins, recovered by the defense….Pittman keeps on a handoff for 4 yards….Spurlock incomplete for Kendrick….Spurlock scrambles, keeps for short gain (Pack)….Spurlock to Hill for 6 (McBride)….Lane to Hill 15 yards upfield, but intercepted by Andrus….Lane pitches to Mico McSwain for 5 yards (Dontae Reed)….Lane pitches again to McSwain for 20 yards around left end for a touchdown.

Former Rebel players Doug Buckles, Cliff Woodruff, and Lorenzo Townsend were at practice today.

The Rebels will practice again Friday at 3:45 p.m.

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