Hurricane Katrina spares Jonathan Hollins

Jonathan Hollins (DE, Baton Rouge, LA) - Louisiana's 2004 District 7(5A) Player of the Year was blessed when Hurricane Katrina blew through the state of Louisiana and left the Hollins' home and school with minimum damage. For many people in South Louisiana and Mississippi, life may never be the same. But luckily for Jonathan, he will be able to resume his high school career as soon as next Friday when Redemptorist faces Notre Dame.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jonathan Hollins:

Tell us about how hurricane Katrina effected you and your family? "Fortunately, we did not have any damage. The other areas of Baton Rouge got hit pretty hard. There are trees all over the place, but we live in the North section of town. We are very fortunate. We did not even have our electricity go out. The worst thing that is going on is all of these people from New Orleans are coming to Baton Rouge and rioting and looting. Everyone is scared. We have someone looking out on our porch with a shotgun at all times. It is crazy around here. Those people feel like they have nothing to lose because they have already lost everything. Some of those people ran into Walmart last night with guns and robbed everybody. Everybody around here is on the edge."

Are you good friends with any of the New Orleans high school players? "I am real close to Kentrell Lockett, but I have not been able to get in touch with him. All of the lines are down in New Orleans. I have called over and over again, but I can not get in touch with Kentrell or anyone from down there."

Has your high school started their season yet? "We canceled the game this Friday so we are going to open our season against the #1 ranked team in 3A and we are ranked #2. It should be a great game."

How did your offseason go? "Basically, I worked hard last summer, but this summer I worked extra hard in the weight room and got a lot stronger. We played the top 5A team (Catholic High) in a jamboree and beat them. It was against the school that Warrick Dunn went to."

What improvements have you seen in your game since the offseason? "Really, my pass rushing because I am a little more aggressive. Just getting to the ball. I am not tired anymore. The running backs better be scared because I got something for them (laugh). But in all seriousness, my teammates have worked just as hard as me, and this is not a one man show. We are all in the same boat."

Have you received any phone calls today (September 1st was the first day that the staffs were allowed to make phone contact again)? "Not recently. I talked to Ole Miss, Texas Tech, USM, Florida, Houston, and LSU this summer though."

Who all has offered you a scholarship now? "The same schools. Houston, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, and USM."

Who is coming after you the hardest? "I am going to say Texas Tech."

Which colleges are now standing out the most? "It would be Texas Tech and Ole Miss."

If signing day were tomorrow, who would you sign with? "I really could not tell you , sir."

Jonathan carries a 2.3 GPA and a 16 on the ACT.

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