Jared Mitchell names his Top 3 schools

Jared Mitchell (WR, New Iberia, LA) - Jared Mitchell is not a name that comes to the top of most people's tongue when thinking of the top athletes in the country, but his name should, as Mitchell will undoubtedly open a lot of eyes this year. As a junior, Mitchell had over 2,300 yards of offense at quarterback and wide receiver, but it was not until the Nike Camp last Spring that Jared began to make a name for himself.

LSU, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss are the favorites to garner Mitchell's signature. All three have offered.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jared Mitchell:

How has hurricane Katrina effected you and your family? "Not much at all. We got a little wind and rain, but no major damage. God looked out after us. Everybody else was not so lucky."

This summer you decided to concentrate on baseball; why? "Well, I had never devoted an entire summer to baseball before. It was always a bunch of football camps, but this year, I decided to hone in on my baseball skills."

Where all did you play? "We played in 3 select tournaments. I played in the Area Code games in Atlanta and the Double ABC in New Mexico. I think we went 16 - 8 overall."

What was your batting average for the entire 24 games? "I think I batted .368 with 2 HR's."

Is it important for you to play both sports on the next level? "I am not sure yet. I really do not know."

Which sport takes priority? "Football, most definitely."

Which baseball programs have stayed in contact with you? "I have talked with Ole Miss, LSU, and ULL on a regular basis."

Has Westgate (5A) opened their football season yet? "We played in a jamboree. It was a little shaky though. Our first regular season game is tomorrow (Friday)"

Who do you face? "Catholic High of New Iberia."

What made your jamboree performance "shaky"? "We just do not have our timing down on offense. We just have a lot of work to do."

Will you play any defense this year? "In district, I might play a little free safety on 3rd and long, but not consistently."

Did you receive any phone calls on Thursday (1st day the coaches were allowed to reach the prospects by phone again)? "I just got off the phone with Texas A&M. That is my only call."

Have you called any coaches this summer? "No sir, actually I have not."

Any new offers? "Texas A&M offered me tonight. I still have offers from LSU, Tulane, and Ole Miss."

What were A&M's selling points? "I do not think they were trying to sell me on any one thing. They just told me that I had an offer, and they hoped that I would check them out."

Do you plan to attend any college football games this fall? "I would like to watch LSU, maybe Texas A&M if I can get over there, and Ole Miss if I get a chance to."

What stands out about LSU? "Their coaches and overall program. They really turned it around the last few years."

And Ole Miss? "I really like the facilities at Ole Miss."

Jared carries a 3.5 GPA / 20 ACT.

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