Rebs add some "pop" to their commitment list

Tyler McMullen (Utility, Meridian, MS) - Arguable the top power hitter in the state of Mississippi committed to Ole Miss recently.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200
MPH: 91
Sixty: 7.0
Grades: 3.78 GPA / 19 ACT

From: Meridian, MS
High School: S' East Lauderdale (3A)

The following information was revealed during our interview with Tyler McMullen:

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Pretty much, Coach McDonnell said pitcher, corner infield (3B or 1B), or catcher. I will be competing for all of those positions. I am basically a utility player."

Where would you pitch; starting role, reliever, or closer? "He just said I would get some work in, but he has not really said. Coach McDonnell did tell me they were going to give me a chance to hit and pitch though."

What are your biggest strengths on the field? "Well, mainly, I feel real confident even when I fail, because I know I am going to get the job done the next time around. I just go out there and play my hardest. I feel real comfortable with my hitting. I have a lot of power. Now I am just working on my fielding."

What else are you working on to take your game to the next level? "I just need to keep getting stronger and stronger."

What did you hit as a junior? "I batted .383 with 14 HR's and 48 RBI's. I really had a bad year at the plate. Those were not my normal numbers"

On the mound? "I was 8-3."

How did your team fare on the field? "We got beat in the 1st round by N' East Lauderdale. We beat them in the regular season, but they beat us when it counted the most. Our team has not been very good lately, but we had a good year last year. We went 26-7. I actually played for Meridian High my 9th and 10th grade years. I transferred to S' East Lauderdale last summer."

Did you garner any awards last season? "To be honest, I do not even know if I made All-State or not. Nobody ever told me. I do know I made All-District, and I was our Team's Most Valuable Offensive Hitter."

What did you do this summer? "I played in the Jr Sun Belt Classic for Team Mississippi. It is pretty much the top players from Mississippi playing the other state's top players. I have actually played for Team Mississippi the last two summers. It is basically for all of the scouts. That is all that it amounts to. I also went to the Jr Olympic tryouts in Joplin (MO). I played for the Dixie National Team. There were some players who are going to Ole Miss with m e. I played with Cullan Kight (Inf), Evan Button (SS), Justin Reed (CF), and Jamie Johnson (CF and is now committed to LSU). It was pretty cool. The rest of the summer I played with the Mississippi Stars for Coach Porter. Other than that, I have just been lifting weights."

Why did you choose Ole Miss as the place you want to further your playing career? "Well, to be honest, they just recruited me a lot harder than anybody else. And, my whole family are big Ole Miss fans. When I got the opportunity, I was not going to pass it up."

Who else were you considering before you choose Ole Miss? "I was looking at Meridian CC. I was talking with Alabama some this summer. I talked to USM a little, but they were mostly sending me letters."

Who recruited you for Ole Miss? "Coach McDonnell. He is a great guy. He let me know some of the things about their program. He just kept me up to date with everything that was going on with his program. I mean, we talked every week and he came to a lot of my games. I always knew where I stood with Coach McDonnell. That is what I liked about him so much, his honesty. He is a great coach, and I can not wait to play for him."

When will you sign your letter of intent? "I think it is like on the 2nd Wednesday in November."

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