Game Depth Chart

The following list is en educated guess on the players who will likely play snaps in the opener versus Memphis. We could be off a player or two, but this will be close. The first name listed at each position is likely - barring injury - to get the majority of reps except in "rotation" positions like the wide receivers, tight ends, running backs and defensive line. Read about it inside.

Likely "will play" list. (Certainly, some of these may not play due to the starters playing every snap, but in case of injury, the number two guys are listed.)


LT - Bobby Harris, David Traxler

LG - David Traxler, Andrew Wicker

C - Ben Boyce, Darryl Harris/Tony Bonds

RG - Thomas Eckers, Tony Bonds

RT - Tre' Stallings, Marcus Cohen

TE - Robert Hough/Lawrence Lilly/Jimmy Brooks

WR Rotation - Mike Espy, Mario Hill, Taye Biddle, Carlos Suggs, Larry Kendrick, Matt Pierce (maybe), Burnell Wallace (maybe)

QB - Micheal Spurlock, Robert Lane

FB - Jason Cook, Seth Michaelson

TB - Jamal Pittman, Mico McSwain, Brandon Jacobs


LEO - Corvelli Haynes/Chris Bowers

DE - Jayme Mitchell, Vicinte DeLoach, Lamark Armour

DT - Jeremy Garrett, McKinley Boykin, Brandon Jenkins

NT - Michael Bozeman, Garrett, Peria Jerry (maybe)

SLB - Garry Pack, Dontae Reed

MLB - Patrick Willis, Robert Russell

WLB - Kelvin Robinson, Quentin Taylor

FS - Charles Clark, B. Brown, Bryant Thomas

SS - Jamarca Sanford, Bryant Thomas, Gary Riggs

CB - Trumaine McBride, Nate Banks, Dustin Mouzon

CB - Travis Johnson, Nate Banks, Terrell Jackson


Punter - Will Moseley, Rob Park

Punt Return - Mike Espy, B. Brown

Kickoff - Moseley, Matt Hinkle

Kickoff Return - Espy, Biddle, Kendrick, McSwain

FG/PAT - Moseley long FGs, Hinkle PAT short FGs

Deep Snapper - Sidney McLaurin

Holder - Micheal Spurlock/Rob Park

Players who might get special teams action, but may not get a lot of regular snaps: Keith Houston, Terrell Jackson, LeRon King, Seth Michaelson, Robert Russell, Quentin Taylor, Lamark Armour, Dustin Mouzon, Gary Riggs.

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