Game notes finally deciphered

The 10-6 victory over Memphis Monday afternoon, left me with mixed emotions, but the pluses outweighed the minuses when a recap of my game notes was taken. Read about it inside.

Game notes are weird deals. Sometimes, you don't ever remember writing them down or why you scribbled a star next to some and not the others.

Then, postgame with a play-by-play book, you try to reconstruct the game and decipher your chicken scratchings into something legible.

Here's what came out of my reporter's pad after translation. Hopefully, this piece won't be like Bill Murray's movie "Lost In Translation," which totally lost me, by the way.

* Note: Coach O looks very relaxed and loose. So does the team. He's laughing and joking with Tommy West, grinning from ear to ear. It appears the man was born for this moment, this head coaching arena.

* Note: The first two plays from scrimmage are why I'm not a coach. Everyone in the house expected OC Noel Mazzone to call a couple of running plays to settle QB Micheal Spurlock down. Two passes down the field, two big completions. Spurlock looked like the Spurlock we see every day in practice.

* Note: Great sign that Matt Hinkle connected on his first field goal attempt. Maybe the kicking game won't be a major concern.

* Note: Damn, I can't watch this deal with Memphis QB Patrick Byrne's leg. It is definitely broken - snapped in two. Good grief, it's just hanging. Poor kid.

* Note: Spurlock and Mario Hill seem to be using the same brain. Man, they are in synch. . . ooops, interception on Spurlock and Hill's micommunication. Spoke too soon.

* Note: It's good to see Darryl Harris and Andrew Wicker playing some. They may be rusty today, but they will be stalwarts on the OL in the future.

* Note: Well I'll be, this rookie QB for Memphis may be better than the starter. Sure is a good-looking freshman. It seems every time we put somebody out of a game, their replacement turns out to be better. Geesh.

* Note: Two delay-of-game penalties and Coach O has not strangled anybody - yet. Good poise. I would have already blown a cork.

* Note: This isn't fair, everybody misses, but take back what you said about field-goal kicking. Don't miss the chippie, Matt.

* Note: Memphis puts together a good drive, but has to settle for a field goal for a 6-3 lead. Should be 10-6 Rebs. Can't drop wide open screen passes.

* Note: What are they doing at halftime? They are going to get a delay of game flag, for crying out loud. Come on coach, get them back on the field. . . Too late, five-yard penalty. . Not to worry, Moseley kicks it into the end zone for a touchback anyway. . . LOL.

* Note: Both defenses have tightened up in the second half. Looks like those who took the "under" on the over/under are going to make some cash. The Rebel 'D' is gaining confidence by the snap, even getting a little cocky. That's a good thing.

* Note: My goodness, that's the worst field goal attempt I have seen in many years. Hope it didn't hurt the Tiger mascot sleeping in his cage. Relax, guys, you are better than this showing. Just think of it as practice. . . deep breaths, exhale.

* Note: T-Mac. . . T-Mac pick and return to the Tiger 18! (What was West thinking? All-American TB, frosh QB, protecting a lead deep in his territory and he throws the ball? Yikes.)

* Note: Oh my. We're going for it on fourth-and-five from the Memphis 14 trailing by three. That's a mistake. . . great call, coach. Same thing I would have done. Cripes, Spurlock is fast.

* Note: Sack by Pack kills Memphis attack. (Weak alliteration.)

* Note: Wait a minute. . . that's not supposed to be down on the one-inch line. . . Is that the rule on a downed punt?. . . Thanks, Mike, for running it out of the end zone. Maybe the play of the game, when all is said and done. . . Nice punt, Will, we needed that breathing room.

* Note: We need a turnover. . . there it is! P-Willie hit, Charles Clark pounces.

* Note: Where is our running game? It should seal this victory, but it's not working at all.

* Note: Are you kidding me? Don't tell me Memphis is going to drive down the field and win this game. . . Don't. I'm not listening.

* Note: Pack pick. Rebs win! Rebs win! Rebs win!

* Note: Just what the doctor ordered. For Coach O, his staff, these players, the fans (particularly Memphis-area Rebs). . . Now there's something tangible to build on.

* Note: I feel sorry for Kelly Orgeron. She's a wreck, but, hell, so am I.

* Note: Call me a sentimental old fool, but aside from being happy for all of the above, I literally prayed for Micheal Spurlock to put his demons behind him and play a calm, collected, tension-free game. I have never been happier for a player to experience what he did today. I didn't ask the Man Upstairs for a win, but I hinted at it, for Mike's sake. He deserves it.

* Postgame Note: Lots of things to work on, but man, that win will make them easy to correct.

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