Rebs add huge baseball commitment

Matt Smith (OF/RHP, Milan, GA) - The Rebels picked up a huge commitment this week when Dodge County's two say standout, Matt Smith, committed to the University of Mississippi.

Some believe Matt is in the same mold as a Stephen Head and Brian Pettway. Smith is just as dominant at the plate as he is on the mound.

Smith marks Ole Miss' 7th public commitment.

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Player Profile

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 200
Position: OF/RHP
60 Time : 6.9
MPH : 91
Grades: 3.0 GPA

From: Milan, GA
High School: Dodge County

The following information was revealed during our interview with Matt Smith:

Which position(s) are you being recruited to play on the next level? "They tell me outfield and pitcher. They want me as a two way guy."

What are your defensive strengths? "I have a good arm, from what everybody tells me. In the outfield, I get a good read on the ball. I get a real good jump on it. I think I am smart on the base pads too. Just little stuff like that."

What do you do best at the plate? "My hitting. I feel I can hit against anybody. I am real confident at the plate."

What are working on to make yourself a better player? "Right now, I have been hitting, throwing, and lifting everyday. I have a workout book that has a set schedule for me. At 1:15 everyday, I work out for two and half hours a day. Then I go throw and hit. I am just trying to get bigger, faster, and stronger."

What does your fastball max out at? "This summer, I was getting timed at 91 MPH pretty regularly."

What do you average? "On a good day, 88 - 90, somewhere in there."

Which pitches are in your arsenal? "I have a 4 seam fastball, change up, and a curveball."

Your out pitch? "My curveball."

Pitch that needs the most work on? "My change up."

How did Dodge County fare last season? "We fell one game short of the Sub Regionals."

What were your stats for the season? "I had 43 hits in 82 at bats (.524 average). I had 6 HR's and 39 RBI's. I really did not pitch much because they did not need me."

Any awards? "I was named 1st Team All-Region and All-Middle Georgia. I was also out Team's MVP. That is pretty much it as far as I know."

Did you pitch much during your sophomore year? "I pitched some, but our coach is a big believer in letting his seniors get the majority of the time on the mound."

We hear you have committed to Ole Miss? "Yes sir."

Why did you choose Ole Miss? "Really, I came over there and played in a summer league tournament. I liked the stadium and atmosphere. I kind of felt comfortable. I am real country. I like to hunt and fish a lot. Coach McDonnell told me I could do all of that if I came to Ole Miss. And besides, they have been really good the last few years. They lost some players, and a lot of us new guys are going to be counted on to continue the tradition."

Which colleges were actively calling you on the phone before you choose Ole Miss? "On the phone? Well, lets see, it was pretty much Ole Miss, Clemson, Mississippi State, and Georgia. They all called pretty regularly."

Who came in second place? "Clemson made me a really good offer. They were my first option, but I just felt more comfortable at Ole Miss."

Who recruited you for Ole Miss? "Coach McDonnell. He is a real nice guy. The weekend I came in for my official visit, he made me feel so at home. He took his whole day out just to make sure I was doing OK. He just made me feel real good about the situation."

When was the first time Ole Miss made a big impression with you? "I was playing in the Tennessee Smokie Showcase tournament. The Arizona Diamondbacks invite 100 players to play in a mini-tournament. Anyway, I saw Coach McDonnell in the stands with his Ole Miss hat on. I was like, man, he was just in Florida watching me play like a week ago. And then I remembered he was in Alabama the week before that. The man just followed me everywhere. It just kind of all hit me at once that tOle Miss really wanted me."

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