Michael Herrick is ready to be a Rebel

Michael Herrick (QB, Valencia, CA) - Michael has a chance to become California's all time passing leader this season. All Herrick needs is 2,503 yards to become the first California quarterback to pass for over 10,000 yards.Herrick will take his show to the University of Mississippi on the next level, but he still has some unleft business to settle on the high school ranks.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Michael Herrick:

How did your offseason go? "It went good. I spend a lot of the offseason trying to get bigger. We played Mission Vivgo in the Championship game at Anaheim Stadium last year. We got beat because they were stronger than us so I spent a lot of the offseason trying to get bigger and stronger. I spent the rest of the offseason with the recruitment process. It was fun, but then I went to Ole Miss for a unofficial visit and fell in love with it. I was not even thinking about committing, but after that visit, I knew Ole Miss was the school for me. I just loved everything about Ole Miss. The town, campus, coaches, girls, just everything. I am very excited about my decision, but right now I am focusing all of my attention on getting back to the CIF Div11 Championship game. Really, the commitment took all of the pressure off of me, so now I can just concentrate on my senior season."

When do you start your season? "This Friday (interview took place on September 8th). Last year, we were 12-2. We lost to an undefeated team and one in the championship game. We lost a lot of people but we are still ranked high. I have a chance to break the California state record. I only need 2,7503 yards to break it. If I stay healthy, I should get it. I would be the first to throw for more than 10,000 yards, but I just want to win the title. That is the only thing on my mind."

Have you received any calls since September 1st? "Coach Orgeron called me the first thing in the morning before I left for school. We had a real good talk. A couple of more schools called. I talked to the head coach at Arizona and Oregon. I guess I will keep my options open in case something happens, but I am really satisfied with my decision. I am still strong on Ole Miss. My heart and mind is set on Ole Miss, but you never know, something crazy can always happen."

Have you received any new offers since you committed to Ole Miss? "No, I have not received anymore, but I talked to my coach and father about this. I was disappointed at first because the PAC 10 schools know me and did not offer. But it worked out in the end because Ole Miss caught my eye and offered. Coach Orgeron, well, you do not get to play for a coach like that very often. He is so intense. You can't help but to play to that next level with someone motivating you that hard. I think he is going to be the perfect fit for me."

Talk more about Coach Orgeron's intensity. "That is just his mentality. He is in it to make you a better player. Because he is so intense, it fires me up. It motivates you to do your best. He is different than any coach I have ever met. I want a coach in my face and to push me. With Coach Orgeron, I know I will get that with each and every practice. He is going to take me to that next level."

Did you get a chance to watch the Ole Miss/Memphis game? "Yea, that was exciting. I was jumping out of my seat. I could not sit down. It went down to the wire."

Was this the first time you have seen Ole Miss play on tv or in person? "No, I saw them when Eli (Manning) was there. I like watching SEC football. I want to be the best so I am going to be playing against the best."

Was early playing time a factor for you? "Yea, you definitely have to put that in perspective. Coach Orgeron told me that they want some one who can throw the ball and that is what I do the best, throw the ball. I just want an opportunity to showcase my skills and play right away. That was a big part of my decision, but there were a lot of other factors. But yea, that was definitely one of them."

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