Rebs future is in good hands with Nick Stephens

Nick Stephens (QB, Flower Mound, TX) - After having to sit out his junior campaign due to the district's transfer rules, Stephens is more than making up for lost time.

Stephens has led Flowers Mound to their school's first 2-0 record and has simply torched the opposing defenses during the process. Nick has thrown for over 700 yards and 8 TD's during the first two games.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Nick Stephens:

How is your season going? "Well, we have already accomplished one goal. We started off 2-0 which is a first for our school. We have been working real hard. We know we have a good chance to make the playoffs. That is what we are shooting for."

Has your school ever made the playoffs? "No sir."

Is your school a relatively new school? "I think we have only been playing varsity football for 6 or 7 years, so yes sir."

Talk about your first game of the season? "It was a close game. We beat Grapevine 41-35. We were up 20-8 at half. They scored 28 unanswered points in the second half. They were a tough offensive team. We had to keep answering as an offense. I threw for 327 yards and 5 TD's."

And this past Friday's game? "We beat Arlington Martin. Again, we got out to a big lead and they came back. It was a good game. I threw for like 380 yards and 3 TD's."

Who do you face this Friday? "LV Bell."

You play in Class 5A classification, right? "Yes sir."

What improvements have you seen in your game this season? "Well, you know about me having to sit out and all, so I really have nothing to compare it to because this is my first year to play varsity ball. But I think my footwork, overall body strength, arm strength, and I have gotten quicker. That is what I have worked on the hardest this offseason."

Have you received any weekly awards this fall? "I was up for Player of the Week in Game 1 for (Dallas) Metro , and I was the Top Passer in Metro in Game 2."

How has your confidence grown this year due to your early season success? "I have always been pretty confident in my abilities. It definitely helped to start off on the right foot though. I just try to stay humble, but our team's confidence is soaring right now. We have a lot of good vibes around here."

Thinking back on the recruitment process; what was the number one reason you choose Ole Miss? "Opportunity. I have a chance to go in there and get some early playing time. That was definitely the main reason."

When was the last time you were in contact with someone from the Ole Miss staff? "Probably a week or so ago. I call Coach Mazzone often."

Talk about your relationship with the Ole Miss staff. "Me and Coach Mazzone have been talking a while. I probably talk to Coach O every other time I talk to Coach Mazzone. They have been busy a lot lately, so I have not talked to either quite as often, but I certainly understand."

Did you get a chance to watch the Ole Miss/Memphis game on TV? "Yea, it was pretty exciting. Their defense played well. Hey a win is a win, they just did not put up many points."

Do you still have other colleges actively calling you? "The coaches from Colorado and Stanford have been calling pretty regularly, but the other schools pretty much backed off when I committed to Ole Miss."

Which colleges have offered you a scholarship? "Colorado, Illinois, Baylor, UTEP, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Stanford, and of course Ole Miss."

Will you still take your official visits? "I will talk to my parents, and we will see as the year goes on. But as of right now, I doubt I will visit anybody else."

Do you still feel 100% committed to Ole Miss? "No doubt, yes sir."

How is school going? "It is going very good. I have an overall 3.1 GPA, and I took the new SAT test a few months back. I forgot exactly what I made on it, but it was plenty enough to qualify."

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