Rebs have ground to make up for talented GA star?

Quintin Banks (S/WR, Warren Robins, GA) - One of Georgia's top prospects is off to a big start to his senior season. Where will Mr. Banks take his talents to next?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Quintin Banks:

What is Houston County's current record? "We are 2-1."

Statistically, give us a game by game blow. "I had 14 tackles in the first game. I had 8 tackles and 2 sacks in the second game, and I had 5 tackles this past Friday."

Any weekly awards? "I was named Player of the Week (Houston County) for the 1st game. That is about it."

What improvements have you seen in your game from this season to say your junior campaign? "My closing speed, and I am getting to the ball better. I need to improve on my 1 on 1 coverage though."

Are you still playing free safety? "Yes sir."

Have any colleges scouted your games? "Purdue was at the second game. I do not know about the first game."

Which colleges have given you a phone call this month? "South Carolina, Purdue, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, Clemson, Vandy, Air Force, and Louisville."

Which colleges have been the most consistent during your recruiting process? "I would say Georgia, Purdue, lets see, I do not know. Definitely Georgia and Purdue. Lets see, after those two I would say Auburn and Illinois. South Carolina has been calling a lot lately."

You mentioned in a prior interview that Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee and Purdue were at the top of your list; has anything changed? "Everybody that has offered me is at the top of my list. I have not narrowed it down at all. I am still wide open."

Which colleges have offered you? "All of those schools that I mentioned (South Carolina, Purdue, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, Clemson, Vandy, Air Force, and Louisville) plus Duke, Tulane, Vandy, Ole Miss, and UAB."

Have you attended any college games this fall? "I went to Georgia when they played Boise State."

Talk about your visit. "It went pretty good. We talked to Coach Richt after the game. My mother finally got a chance to meet him. It was a pretty good unofficial visit."

Have you had a chance to set up any official visits? "No sir."

Has Ole Miss been in contact with you lately? "Yea, they have been calling."

Do you still have any interest in Ole Miss? "Yea, I have interest in Ole Miss. Hopefully I can get down there and see their campus this fall."

What is your current academic status? "I have a 3.4 GPA and I made a 850 on the SAT, but I am retaking it in October."

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