Which territory does each Ole Miss coach recruit?

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Staffs are just like people, they are all different. With that said, philosophies and recruiting strategies differ from staff to staff. But there is usually one thing they have in common, and that is how they break up the territories for each coach to recruit.

Most fans who do not keep up with recruiting would assume that the position coach would be the person who recruits a player. For example, it would make sense if you did not put much thoght into it that the running back coach for a school would recruit all of the running backs that their school was recruiting.

It simply does not work out that way.


Lets use Coach Frank Wilson from Ole Miss as an example. Suppose he were recruiting running backs from eight different states. That would work while he was just contacting the prospects by phone and mail.

But could you imagine when the inhome visits started? Or the evaluation process started? He would have to be in several different states in some instances, in the same day.

This method simply will not work.

The way most staffs run their ship is by assigning a territory for each coach that is on the road. Remember, you are only allowed 7 coaches to be on the road at one time, but you can rotate the coaches.

OK, following me? This gets confusing, so lets use a hypothetic to make it easy.

Lets say Coach Mazzone has been assigned the Central Mississippi region and parts of Georgia. He is responsible for the day to day letters and calls to the prospects in his Region. He will also evaluate the prospects at their games and practices from this Region. But, that does not mean that he will not call and build a relationship with a QB from say Texas. Coach Mazzone will build a relationship with the players from his position (QB), but the person with the main responsibility to recruit the prospect is the coach who has been assigned that territory.

The following coaches have been assigned to these territories:

George Deleone (OL Coach) - Coach Deleone recruits North Mississippi. This includes the Oxford, Calhoun City, Water Valley, and on up to the Tennessee border. He is also responsible for the state of Texas.

Tony Hughes
(Assistant Secondary Coach) - Coach Hughes recruits the Mississippi Delta on over to I55 (Batesville). So yes, Coach Hughes is now responsible for the South Panola program. He also recruits the entire City of Jackson, Madison and Rankin Counies..

Matt Lubbick
(WR Coach) - Coach Lubbick is responsible for the state of Florida.

Matt Luke
(Recruiting Coordinator and Tight Ends coach) - Coach Luke is responsible for the Gulf Coast of Mississippi on up to Meridian. This includes Meridian, Hattiesburg, Laurel, Waynesboro, Lumberton on down to Gulfport, Moss Point...etc...

Noel Mazzone
(Offensive Coordinator/QB coach) - Coach Mazzone recruits central Mississippi and parts of Georgia.

Ryan Nielson
- (Defensive Line Coach) - Coach Nielson recruits the state of California and parts of Georgia (Atlanta area).

Chris Rippon
(Secondary and Special Teams Coordinator) - Coach Rippon recruits the City of Memphis, Germantown, and the state of Arkansas. He also spot recruits the state of Alabama.

Shawn Slocum (Assistant Head Coach/Linebacker) - Coach Slocum recruits S' West Mississippi and North Louisiana (Just north of Baton Rouge on up).

Frank Wilson
(Running Back Coach) - Coach Wilson recruits South Louisiana on up to Baton Rouge.

Ed Orgeron
(Head Coach) - Coach Orgeron is the closer for the team. Head coaches are only allowed one in-home visit, so there has to be an assistant coach who is responsible for the prospect's recruitment. Having said that, Coach Orgeron recruits every territory and and assists in the recruitment of every player. He also writes letters to the prospects, evaluates their games on film and in person, and places calls to the recruits, no matter which region they fall under. In fact, you will probably not find another head coach in American who is more actively involved in recruiting than Coach Orgeron. He would probably even admit that it is his favorite thing to do.

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