Milton Talbert schedules an official with Ole Miss

Milton Talbert (LB/DE, Hattiesburg, MS) - Milton has had to make a huge adjustment this season. He has gone from defensive end to nose guard in the past few months while weighing just 238 pounds. Why? The Tigers lack depth in the trenches so they put their best defender right in the thick of things.

Just how does Milton Talbert feel about the transition?

"I just want to do what ever it takes to win. I will punt if that is where I am best needed. I just want to win a ring before I leave here (Hattiesburg)," commented Milton.

Does Talbert use his quickness to offset his lack of weight?

"I will go through them on the ball with a bull rush. I am not just a quick little end getting around those big boys. I have to think a lot, and if I get my hands up, I have them beat. It is all about your will to beat your man."

How has Milton and Hattiesburg High fared on the field?

"We are 2 - 0, so we are fired up. We beat Biloxi (35-16) and Laurel (6-2) Friday. We are ranked #5 in the state. In the first game, I had a couple of tackles and picked up a fumble and returned it for a 92 yard touchdown. I did not think that endzone was going to ever get there though (laugh). Against Laurel, I had 2 sacks and a bunch of tackles."

What improvements has Milton seen in his game?

"Well, I have to get more physical playing nose guard. When you are in the middle, you have to be real physical. They have three guys on me usually, so it just makes me get better and better. If I can beat a triple team, I will be well prepared for college ball."

Did Hurricane Katrina effect Milton's family or teammates? "Everything is good. We had a little property damage, but everything can be replaced. I think a couple of our players lost their homes, but that is just material things. That can be replaced by insurance. Nobody lost any lives on our team, so God blessed us all. Our team has really bonded, and we are looking for big things this year."

Which colleges are keeping in phone contact?

"USM, Ole Miss, MSU, Tennessee, and Alabama call the most."

Which schools are now at the top of the list?

"I like all of the schools in the SEC. I would love to play in the SEC. It is a tough conference. USM is also up there. They are just down the road. I would say the three state schools (OM, MSU, USM) have the best chance to sign me and Tennessee and LSU are next in line. I just think the state schools have recruited me the hardest, and out of those three, Ole Miss has definitely recruited me harder than everybody."

Has Talbert lined up any official visits?

"I talked to Ole Miss last night, and I am going to visit them on December 2 - 4," stated Milton.

Which school could be next in line for a visit?

"I talked to Tennessee last night. They are going to call me back on Wednesday with a date. We just have to match our dates."

Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, USM have offered.

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