Jonathan Massey sets up an official with Ole Miss

Jonathan Massey (TE, Gautier, MS) - Hurricane Katrina has had a huge impact on many Mississippian's lives. Luckily for Jonathan, his family and belongings are still intact. Now it is time to resume a normal life, and what better way to start over than getting back out on the football field. That is exactly what Gautier will do this Friday as they face George County.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jonathan Massey:

How is your family? "I mean, it hit us hard. Our house, we got it pretty good, but it was nothing but branches and a few shingles. We are doing great. We are really blessed."

What about your football season? "We dropped Ocean Springs, and that was the game I really wanted to play in. I wanted to go against Richard Dickson, and our starting running back transferred there this summer. That hurts not being able to play them, but we are going to start playing again this Friday. We play George County. We are going to play a seven game season now. But hey, at least we are playing again."

How did your first game against Pascagoula go before the hurricane hit? "We won 39-0. We have a real good team this year. We are physical and quick on defense. On offense, we have players who make plays. We got a receiver from Vancleave that transferred. His name is Spinach Butler. He is the real deal."

What were your stats against Pascagoula? "I only had 2 catches for 25 yards. We are really a running team. It was working really good for us, so we did not pass it but four times. I do not worry about that stuff though. My mind is focused on winning not about collecting stats."

How has your team adjusted from the hurricane? "It has been kind of hard. For one, our school is the headquarters for the search and rescue guard. It has been hard to block it out, but I feel like we are ready for Friday night."

Which colleges have kept in touch with you since the hurricane? "Honestly, only one schoolshas been staying in touch with me. Ole Miss called me on the first day they were allowed to start calling us back (September 1). Coach Luke calls me every Monday, and I call him a lot too. I am still waiting on the other schools to contact me. I know it has probably been hard to reach me because our home line just got back in order."

What is Ole Miss telling you when they contact you? "They wanted to see how I was effected by the storm, and they wanted to make sure I was OK. Coach Luke set up an official visit with me for December 2nd. He mainly calls to just check up on me and my family. My momma, she gets all excited every time he calls. She really likes Coach Luke a lot."

Have you received any new scholarship offers since we last spoke? "No sir, still Ole Miss, Vandy, LSU, MSU, Clemson, and USM."

Jonathan carries a 3.5 GPA and a 23 on the ACT.

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