Terry Levy impressive in first two games

Terry Levy (WR, Kosciusko, MS) - Scout.com's #19 nationally rated wide receiver has had an impressive start to his season. So far, he is averaging close to 100 yards of offense at receiver and has scored a touchdown in each game.Levy took an unofficial visit to Auburn this past Saturday but states he is still solid with his decision to attend the University of Mississippi next fall.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Terry Levy:

What parts of your game have improved since your junior year? "I have improved on my routes. There is a lot of pressure on me and the other five seniors we have on offense because our defense is so young. Our whole defense is a bunch of sophomores."

How is your season going? "Going great. We lost our first game to N' West Rankin. We made a lot of mistakes because of the young guys, but they are learning. They have already improved a lot on defense. I do not see us losing many more games."

Talk about your stats for the season? "Against N' West Rankin, I had 3 catches for 80 yards and 1 TD. Against Winona, I had 3 catches for 45 yards and 1 TD. I also had 50 yards rushing."

Do you feel much pressure with the preseason accolades you received? "Kind of. It seems like I play better with a lot of pressure on me though. I know I have to come through for my teammates. I know I am going to get doubled and sometimes even tripled teammed, but at the same time, I know that is going to free somebody else up. I enjoy the pressure."

Been to any college games this fall? "I went to Auburn last weekend to see them play MSU."

How did your visit go? "It was good."

Are you still solid with your commitment to Ole Miss? "Yea, I just wanted to get out of the house, basically. I am still committed to Ole Miss."

Where are you going next? "I am going up to Ole Miss when they play Wyoming."

Which colleges are staying in phone contact? "Auburn has been calling a bunch. Ole Miss still calls, but they are mostly sending me letters."

Thinking back on your decision; what was the number one reason you deciding on Ole Miss? "I liked their facilities and staff. Their indoor, locker room, and all of that stuff impressed me. I like Coach Orgeron too."

How is school going? "My last grade was a 89 in history. I am going to try and make honor roll."

When do you take the ACT? "In October."

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