A man without a home

Domonic Hopson (LB, Pascagoula, MS) - One of the top prospects in Mississippi was ruled ineligible at Provine after relocating to Jackson from Pascagoula when Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We called to get some answers.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Domonic Hopson:

What is going on? "It has been real crazy, man, real crazy."

Where are you presently located? "I am still in Jackson. My mom is meeting with Dr. Proctor today. If I am still ineligible, I am going back to Pascagoula this afternoon. If he reverses his decision on my appeal, then I am staying at Provine."

Has Pascagoula started their season back? "School starts back on October 3rd. They just started back practice today."

Have you been practicing with Jackson Provine? "Yea, we started practice last Monday. I have been practicing every day with the team, and then next thing you know, coach called me and said I was ineligible."

Why did you leave Pascagoula and go to Provine? "We were not practicing and nobody knew when school was going to start back, if at all. I have some family up here in Jackson, so I moved in with my kins. I just wanted to play ball. I do not care where, I just wanted to play."

Have you been attending classes at Provine? "I started school last Monday, and then they told me I was ineligible on Friday."

Why did they rule you ineligible? "They said my house was still livable, and my mother was still working down there. They said I was not a displaced athlete because I did not have to move."

How is your house? "We got real lucky. It did a little damage but not much. Our car was ruined though because of the floods."

Have you spoken with any of your coaches from Pascagoula lately? "Not really. I talked to one of my coaches but it was a couple of days ago. He just called and told me I was not eligible at Provine and how much they wanted and needed me back at Pascagoula. I told him if my momma's meeting with Dr. Proctor does not go well, then I am coming back. But if it goes good, I am staying in Jackson. I really do not want to go back down there with all of that mess. It is depressing."

Have you heard from any college recruiters since you have been moving around? "Yes sir, Coach Luke (Ole Miss) has been calling a lot. Just checking up with me. Coach Carter (Vandy) has called me once, and Coach Bowen (Rice) has called too."

Anything changed with your pecking order? "No sir, it is still pretty much those three schools."

Domonic carries a 3.3 GPA and a 22 on the ACT.

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