Coach Miller talks about his newest addition

Kendrick Lewis (WR, New Orleans, LA) - Hurricane Katrina forced thousands of New Orleans residents to relocate. Included in this group was Ole Miss commitment, Kendrick Lewis.

Kendrick moved to Gainesville (GA) and is now playing for Coach Bruce Miller's Gainesville Red Elephants.

Coach Miller has been the head coach at Gainesville (3A) since 2002. The Red Elephants did not lose a regular season game until the '04 season, as Coach Miller's bunch won their first 20 regular season games and made it to the Class 3A Semifinals in '02.

We spoke to Coach Miller this morning about his newest addition, Kendrick Lewis.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Coach Bruce Miller:

How did Kendrick end up with your football team? "His mother moved over here after the hurricane hit in New Orleans. He wanted to be back with his mother, so he moved in with her last Monday and joined our team on Wednesday."

Talk about Kendrick. "Anybody of his caliber would be a welcomed addition, but what a good kid he is on top of being a great player."

Which position(s) is he playing for you? "Receiver and safety. He also returns punts and kickoffs for us. I will tell you how good Lewis is, we have the leading punt returner in our league for the past two years on our squad. Kendrick beat him out."

Did Lewis go both ways for you in your last game? "No sir, in our first game, we got him on a Wednesday and he played on that Friday. We felt like it was a little too much to ask of him to play on both sides of the ball, although he probably could have handled it, so we left him at wide out and he returned kicks and punts for us. But this Friday, he is going to be going both ways for us."

Your team was off this past Friday? "Yes sir. We play Flowers Branch this Friday. We are both undefeated in Region play and they are undefeated period (laugh). We are 3 - 1."

What were Kendrick's stats in the game he played in? "He had 6 catches for 58 yards."

What are his strengths on the field? "The biggest thing he does well is understand what is going on around him. He just knows football. He had some good coaching somewhere in the past. I will give you an example. He signaled to our QB that the hitch was off and to throw him a slant. Our QB saw the signal and threw a slant in there for a critical first down. It iced the game. We have kids that have been in our system for years that do not know that. I have coached some good ones in the past, but the fact that he is a good kid on top of being a special talent separates him from the rest. He understands you have to work hard at it. Ole Miss is getting themselves a future Sunday player. I really believe he will make it, barring injuries."

What will he need to work on for the college level? "Probably overall, he needs to spend a good year in the weight room. The boy is strong, but he could get stronger. Really, I have not seen any weaknesses in his game. He runs good routes. He catches the ball in traffic. I just do not see any weaknesses."

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