Practice Report: Monday

The Ole MIss Rebel football team, fresh off a loss to Vanderbilt, practiced in shorts today, introducing some of the Wyoming gameplan in a full-speed, hour-and-a-half workout. The Rebel coaches are trying to prepare personnel to replace injured QB Micheal Spurlock, MLB Patrick Willis and SS Jamarca Sanford. Thee were also some other personnel experiments at other positions.

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron put the Rebels through a "regular" Monday practice today for the first time this year. (The first game was on a Monday, then there was an open week, so Monday practice changed last week.) The "normal" Monday workout following games will be in shorts and will be full speed with the first introduction to that week's gameplan. So, how did it go?

"I thought the guys hit the field with a great attitude and with some fire. I was very pleased," said Coach O after the hour-and-a-half session.

He was asked about various personnel changes, mostly due to injury - B. Brown has been moved to strong safety because of an injury to Jamarca Sanford, Robert Russell has taken over for injured MLB Patrick Willis, C Darryl Harris practiced with the number one unit today after being out most of the last six weeks, Dontae Reed will be Russell's backup, frosh LeRon King will now back up at SLB behind Garry Pack and, of course, Robert Lane will start at quarterback for injured Micheal Spurlock.

"B. Brown is a solid person and a very good football player. We trust him starting at strong safety, if that is needed," said Orgeron. "We'll see how Darryl is doing this week, but we need him to come back and I think it's time - I think he's better. Dontae will be the backup behind Robert Russell and we trust him as well. He was a number one in spring, so we feel he can play. LeRon King is young and green, but we will coach him up and get him ready. He has playmaking capabilities and good speed.

"I think Robert Russell did a fantastic job, all things considered, in the Vandy game. Being thrown into that type of pressure situation, he did great. He did not play to the standard we want our starting MLB to play to, but he will get there. As far as Robert Lane is concerned, he's ready. He's been ready. He will do fine. We have faith in him to take this team to wins."

The following players missed practice today: OT Reid Neely, OL Ryan Jones, QB Micheal Spurlock, SS Jamarca Sanford, WR Mario Hill, TB Brandon Jacobs and MLB Patrick Willis. . . . Coach O has already said Willis and Spurlock are out for the Wyoming game. . . There is no word on Sanford yet - the coaches are awaiting word from today's MRI. . . Jacobs, who has been in the hospital for over a week, was at practice today and said he "felt better," but he did not practice and does not know when he will be able to.

It appears C Darryl Harris is much better with his injured knee. He worked with the first-team offense today exclusively.

Freshman DT Peria Jerry, who has missed the first two games, practiced at full speed today with the number two defense.

It appears JUCO WR Milton Collins is getting better. He worked out at full speed today, but we're not sure if he will be involved in cotnact work this week or not.

Coach O tried several people at field goal kicking today, but made no assessments. "We are going to try everybody we can. We have a couple of new tryouts who will get a shot, Robert Bass got a couple of kicks today and the guys who have been kicking got chances. We are going to get that fixed," said Coach O.

OL Coach George DeLeone is still trying to find the best five offensive linemen and today's practice indicated he's considering something new. Today, the two-deep at OL was: LT Bobby Harris, David Traxler; LG Thomas Eckers, Andrew Wicker; C Darryl Harris, Ben Boyce; RG Michael Oher, Tony Bonds; RT Tre' Stallings, Marcus Cohen. . . The differences are moving Eckers up to number one LG from backup RG, moving Traxler to the edge from LG, moving D. Harris up to number one center.

DT McKinley Boykin was rotating snaps today with Michael Bozeman and Jeremy Garrett at the two DT positions with the first defense.

In an effort to get more speed off the edge, Coach O gave frosh Lamark Armour and RS frosh Reterio Brown reps with the number one defense at DE.

As it stands right now, here are the personnel changes due to injury: At SS, B. Brown and Bryant Thomas are one and two; at MLB Robert Russell and Dontae Reed are taking over for Willis; at QB, it's Robert Lane followed by Ethan Flatt.

The Rebel roster has been sprinkle dwith duplicate nubmers. That may no longer be the case this week. OT Marcus Cohen, who shared #77 with Jayme Mitchell, will start wearing #76. TB Alan Abrams, who shared #9 with Travis Johnson, will now wear #1. CB Joshua Braithwaite, who sahred #27 with Brandon Jacobs, will now be #22. Frosh DB Gary Albury, who shared #17 with Will Moseley, will now be #37. PK Matt Hinkle, who was #4 with B. Brown, will now wear #96. The number changes will be reflected in this week's game roster.

The Rebs will practice tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. in full pads.

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