Sam Johnson leads Eureka's defense to 3 shutouts

Sam Johnson (RB/LB, St.Louis, MO) -'s # 34 ranked prospect from the Midwest states committed to Ole Miss on May 15th after considering scholarship offers from Minnesota, Michigan State, Kansas, Louisville, Missouri, and Mississippi.

We called to get a status on how Sam's season is going and how solid he still is with his decision to attend the University of Mississippi next season.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Sam Johnson:

How is your season going? "We are doing pretty good. We are 3 - 0. We have pitched three shutouts. It really could not be going any better. Our coach has it. He knows what he is doing."

Go through each game for us. "We played Catedrada Central in our first game. We beat them 42-0. I think I made 9 tackles. I also had 18 carries for 103 yards and 2 TD's. We played Barkley West next. We beat them 32-0. I had 16 tackles and 175 rushing yards and 3 TD's. Last Friday, we beat Zum Fox 47-0. I had 9 tackles and a 106 yards rushing and 2 TD's on 13 carries."

What is Eureka ranked in Missouri? "I think we are #6 in the overall poll and #7 in the Dispatch. But on the 25th of November, all of that will not matter. I will playing in the dome, and we are going to get that ring. It will be the same way at Ole Miss. I will just work that much harder when I get there."

Are you starting at both tailback and linebacker? "Yes sir, we rotate them pretty good though."

What improvements have you seen in your game? "My running, and I pick up more stuff every day. I learn something new every day in football. Other than that, I am just focusing on getting my team that ring. We need to finally win it."

Have you received any weekly awards? "St. Louis Preps named me Player of the Week. But I am ready to get down to Ole Miss. I want to get that ring (for Eureka), but there is nothing around here. My biggest dream is to win that ring at Ole Miss. I can not wait to get back down to my folks. My mother lives in Greenville (MS). I miss her not being able to go to see my games. But next year she can start going back to my games. I do not know. I am just ready to get down there to Mississippi."

Your family is from Greenville? "Yes sir, Washington County. I love it in the country. All I hear is good stuff about Ole Miss from my family. My Uncle played ball at Alcorn State. He knows some of the people from around there. I just can not wait to get down there. I think I am going to get me a big ole truck and put some mud tires on it. I like to hunt too, so you know, the country is where I want to be."

When was the last time someone from the Ole Miss staff spoke to you? "My coach talked to one of their coaches the other day. They are getting my official visit set up. I do not know when yet. I let my coaches handle all of that stuff."

Will you still take your official visits? "I doubt it. Louisville has been really trying to get me to come over there for an official visit. Kansas calls a lot too, but I doubt I will even visit anywhere else."

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