Practice Report: Tuesday (Plus addendum)

Obviously irritated by the way the sluggish Rebels were practicing, Ole Miss Football Coach Ed Orgeron stopped practice a little past the midway point today and told the team he'd see them at 7 p.m. to resume the workout. (Late portion added to bottom of the report.)

Today was supposed to be "competition Tuesday," as the Rebels continued preparations for Saturday's game against Wyoming in Oxford, but about an hour-and-45 minutes into the full-pad workout, Coach Ed Orgeron called the team up and told them, essentially, he wasn't going to watch another minute of the effort they were giving, or weren't giving.

He sent the team off the field and told them they would resume practice at 7 p.m.

The Rebels, for whatever reasons, appeared to be in slow motion and not tuned in mentally today. There was a distinct lack of emotion and energy.

Random Notes Until The Postponement:

* The following players did not practice today: OT Reid Neely, OL Ryan Jones, QB Micheal Spurlock, WR Mario Hill, MLB Patrick Willis, SS Jamarca Sanford and TB Brandon Jacobs. . . FS Charles Clark wore a Blue jersey signifying no contact and his left arm was heavily bandaged.

* Sanford said he believes he will return to practice this week * C Darryl Harris was in a White jersey today, signifying he could go through contact drills, and he worked with the first offensive line the whole day.

* Thomas Eckers remained at number one left guard after moving over from number two right guard yesterday. Eckers is ahead of Andrew Wicker and David Traxler, who was in a White jersey today but had limited reps due to injury, was at number two left tackle. Traxler will be the backup on both sides. Frosh Michael Oher remained the number one right guard.

* The Rebs have two new specialists: Deep Snapper Ricky Johnson from North Carolina and PK Derrick Christiansen from Norcross, GA. Neither got any practice reps today, but we'll keep an eye on them. (It appears walkon frosh DS Brent Smith has left the team - we haven't seen him in a few practices.)

* TB Alan Abrams, who was running reps with the number one offense, has a new jersey number - #1. He was sharing the #9 wuith CB Travis Johnson, but Orgeron does not want duplicate numbers on the roster when numbers are available.

* With Willis out, Robet Russell is the number one MLB, but a new face popped into that position today - LEO Chris Bowers took reps at number two MLB. Dontae Reed was there yesterday, but today Bowers and Reed split number two reps.

* DTs McKinley Boykin, Jeremy Garrett and Michael Bozeman appear to be involved in a three-man rotation right now on the number one DL.

* In the punting game, the kickers looked better today than at any time this year. Will Moseley had seven punts for a 44.8 yard average with good hang time. . . Frosh Rob Park had two kicks, both good for 55 yards.

* In run game drills, the plays broke down as follows: (Ones) Abrams 3 (Pack). . . Two fumbled snaps on center exchange between QB Robert Lane and C Darryl Harris. . . Abrams 6 (Robert Russell). . . Abrams -2 (Boykin). . . (Twos) Antonio Turner 4 (LeRon King). . . Turner 5 (Quentin Taylor). . . Turner 7 (King). . . Turner 0 (Bowers).

* QB Robert Lane seemed to be clicking right along, but near the end of this portion of today's practice, he got an upset stomach and had to sit out most of the scout team period. Ethan Flatt ran the number one offense during the scout team period.

After 7 o'clock, the Rebs did 30 minutes of team drills - full speed, full contact scrimmaging.

Coach O was pleased with the response and the "attitude adjustment."

"They did great - awesome," he said of the portion of practice after the postponement. "The bottom line is we are going to practice the way I want to practice - period. We did in the second part of practice."

Asked about some of the personnel matters today, Orgeron responded briefly.

"We are taking a look at Chris Bowers at MLB. I'm sure he's rusty, but we are going to give him a shot. Robert Russell is doing all he can do - the best he can. It's a dropoff from Willis to Russell, but I like his attitude and the way he's trying to get there. I think he can be functional by Saturday," Orgeron noted. "As for Robert (Lane), he's eager, but he's making some mistakes he needs to correct.

"TB Alan Abrams did some good things today as did our number one offensive line. We got some running game going today."

The following is a breakdown of the team drills: (Ones) Abrams 10 run. . . Abrams TD run (both on the right side behind Stallings and Oher). . . QB sack Dontae Reed at WLB (K-Rob had to go to class, as did several others). . . Pass broken up (Pack). . . (Twos) Pittman 5. . . Pittman 10. . . Pittman 8. . . Antonio Turner 9. . . Turner -5 (Peria Jerry). . . (Ones) Incomplete pass. . . Abrams 12. . . Sack Garry Pack. . . Lane to Suggs 8. . . QB sack Corvelli Haynes. . . Lane to Abrams 7. . . Incomplete pass. . . Lane to Robert Hough 25. . . (Twos) Flatt to Keith Houston 6. . . Flatt to Larry Kendrick 18. . . Flatt to Jimmy Brooks 8. . . QB sack Viciente DeLoach. . . (Ones) Lane sacked by Michael Bozeman. . . Lane to Espy 12. . . Lane to Kendrick 13. . . Incomplete over the middle. . . (Twos) Incomplete pass. . . Flatt to Burnell Wallace 10. . . Flatt to Brooks 7. . . Flatt to Pittman 8.

The Rebels concluded practice with 10 10-yard sprints.

The Rebs will practice tomorrow at 3:30 (and hopefully there won't be a need for a split practice.)

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