5 Star DL sets up visit with Ole Miss

Brandon Wood (DE, Tallapoosa, GA) - Scout.com's # 4 nationally rated defensive end committed to Georgia back in February but has since scheduled an official visit with the University of Mississippi for October 15th.Is Brandon still solid?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Brandon Wood:

How is Haralson County's season going? "We are 2 - 2. We started off 2 - 1, but we got beat Friday."

Which position(s) are you playing? "Fullback and defensive end."

What are your stats up to this point? "I know a little but not a lot. I have 5 sacks, probably 15 tackles, and I think maybe 4 TD's. I do not know how many rushing yards I have, but I probably have over 400 yards."

What improvements have you seen in your game? "I think I am a little quicker. That is about it."

What are you working on for the next level? "I need to get myself stronger and a little faster. I think I am about ready, really. But I do need to get stronger, and I need to gain a little more weight."

What are you currently weighing? "255."

What is your goal? "I want to get up to 265. Nothing but muscle."

What do you max out at these days? "I bench around 325 and squat 545."

Which colleges are you currently hearing from? "Ole Miss calls me a lot. Georgia calls me every now and then, but Ole Miss is really coming after me."

Who calls you for Ole Miss? "Mostly Coach Orgeron (head coach)."

Do you have any interest in Ole Miss? "I mean, well, not really, not much. I am locked down to Georgia. That is where I am going, but I am going to take an official visit to Ole Miss."

When? "October 15th."

Will you visit anybody else? "Yea, I am going to Georgia in January. I want to go to USC, and I would not mind going to Hawaii."

Are you still solid with your commitment to Georgia? "Yea, I am solid. I am just going to use these visits up to see some places for free. Nothing wrong with that (laugh)."

Brandon carries a 2.7 GPA and will retake the ACT test in October.

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