Commitment Update: LaDerrick Vaughn

LaDerrick "D" Vaughn (Ath, Memphis, TN) - The 6' 2", 208 pound athlete from Manassas committed to the Rebels in May. We called to get a status on how LaDerrick's season is going and how solid he still is with his decision to attend the University of Mississippi next season.

The following information was revealed during our interview with LaDerrick Vaughn:

How is Manassas' season going? "We are 2-3 right now."

Who did you play this past Friday? "We played Milington. We won 44-0."

What were your stats for the game? "I had 145 yards rushing and 2 TD's. I was 2-3 in passing for 50 yards. I sat out the second half because we were up by so much."

Who did you play the week before? "We played Boliver County. I had 250 yards rushing and 4 TD's."

And the week before? "We played Fayette Aca. We loss 33-23. I had a 100 something yards rushing. I do not really know about that game. I do not want to tell you wrong. I think I have at least 600 yards rushing and 7 TD's so far."

Which position(s) are you playing? "I am playing QB and MLB."

Do you have your defensive stats? "I can not really say. I have not been keeping up with my defensive stats."

Do you start both ways? "Yes sir."

Is this your first year to start at MLB? "No sir, it is my second year. I played MLB and safety last year but mostly MLB."

What did Ole Miss recruit you to play? "They do not really have an idea. They are going to sign me to be versatile. Coach Freeze said he thinks I will play running back. Coach Orgeron said safety, but Freeze is talking about RB."

Have you heard from anymore schools since you committed to Ole Miss? "Auburn and that is about it."

Has Auburn given you a scholarship offer? "I have not had a chance to talk to them about that, but they said they liked what they saw on tape."

You said last time that although you were committed to Ole Miss, you were still keeping your eyes open; is that still the case? "Kind of, yes sir."

Who else are you looking at? "Just Ole Miss and Auburn."

But you still consider yourself as committed to Ole Miss? "Yes sir. I am committed to Ole Miss, but I am not going to close all of my options. You never know what might happen. You have to have an option in case something goes wrong, and right now, my option is Auburn."

Have you set up your official visits yet? "I am going Saturday to Ole Miss to see them play. My guardian is setting up my official with them. They will get a date pretty soon."

LaDerrick carries a 2.8 GPA and an 18 on the ACT.

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