Chris Stewart (OL, Klein, TX) -'s #30 nationally rated offensive linemen is bracing himself for Hurricane Rita."> Chris Stewart (OL, Klein, TX) -'s #30 nationally rated offensive linemen is bracing himself for Hurricane Rita.">

Texas lineman has "Rita" on his mind

<A HREF=";p=8&amp;cfg=null&amp;c=1&amp;nid=1758679">Chris Stewart (OL, Klein, TX) -'s #30 nationally rated offensive linemen is bracing himself for Hurricane Rita.

The states that surround the Gulf of Mexico are still in "recovery" mode from Katrina and now it looks as if Rita is headed to the Texas/Louisiana borders. Chris lives in a suburb that is located in the Houston area. Klein's football game has been cancelled and classes have been let out until at least Tuesday of next week.

With that in mind, Chris still has to make one of the most important decisions in his life, and that is where to spend the next four to five years. He just got back in from an official visit to Notre Dame last weekend. Stewart has narrowed the field down to four schools. They are Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, and LSU.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Chris Stewart:

What is going on? "Man, we are pretty nervous around here. We are just getting ourselves prepared for the Hurricane. It is pretty scary."

What are you doing to prepare yourself? "We are just bordering up the windows and trying to get all of the supplies we can get. It is tough though. All of the batteries are out. Gas is out. Generators are out. We got plenty of water, candles, and food to make it for a while though. We should be OK."

How is your season going? "We are sitting at 2-1, but the hurricane kind of messed everything up. We had to cancel our game for today. We are going to be out of school until Tuesday. If there is not that much damage, we will start back next week. It has been almost 20 years since Houston has been hit by a hurricane. They have already cut the water off in Galveston,so it does not become contaminated."

What improvements have you made this year? "A whole lot strength wise and condition wide. My coaches have commented on that a lot. They say I am in the best shape of my life. I have always had little nicks and bruises, but this year, it has been going pretty good. My summer conditioning and workouts really helped me. My strength in my legs, back, and my core muscles is a whole lot better. The first game, I had 20 pancakes. In the second game, I had 10. In our last game, I had 15 pancake blocks."

How many pancakes did you have last year? "I had 50 or 60, somewhere in that range. My goal is to get a 100 this year. I already have 45 in three games, so I do not think that is going to be a problem (laugh). I am just ready to get us into the playoffs (5A) though."

How did your visit to Notre Dame go? "It was pretty good. They have a nice campus. I had a chance to see a really good game. There were a lot of positives about the trip."

What stood out the most during your trip? "What really stood out to me was their players. Their intelligence really impressed me. They talk at such a high level. They speak very intelligent about complex subjects. It really caught me off guard."

Have you scheduled anymore official visits? "Not officially. I have some dates I am playing with, but now with the hurricane, it is up in the air because some of our games could be canceled."

What dates are you pondering? "At first, I was going to Ole Miss in maybe October or November, but that is up in the air now with the hurricane. I might have to go visit Ole Miss in December or January if some of our games gets pushed back. I did not have any plans with Texas A&M. It is so close, I can just go over there. I was going to go to LSU in either October or November. But like Ole Miss, it might be December or January now. We will just have to see."

Are there anymore schools in contention besides these four schools? "No, I will make my choice out of those four schools."

Do you feel like any one of these four schools is coming after you harder than the other three? "It is the same amount of calls. They all make their one call a week. They send the same amount of letters. I get a letter every day of the week from each school. It is uniform from all of them."

What will be the determining factors in your decision? "Mainly, I will look for somewhere where I can call home for the next three or four years. I will look at their people, fan base, coaches, players, and a chance to be a good student."

Chris carries a 4.8 GPA and a 1650 on the SAT.

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