Markeith Summers is a wanted man

Markeith Summers (WR, Olive Branch, MS) - Markeith Summers has been a busy man these days. While he is not catching touchdown passes from his brother, Anthony Summers, he is catching scholarship offers from some of the top programs in the country. Texas and Arkansas are the most recent colleges to throw their name in the hat.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Markeith Summers:

How is your season going? "It is going all right. We are 4 - 0. It has been a good start, but we have a lot of unleft business to take care of."

Give us a blow by blow on your games have gone. "We played Kingsbury (TN) in our opening game. I had 1 catch that went for a TD. We played Shelby Broadstreet (TN) after that. I had 3 catches for 127 yards and 2 TD's. Against NorthSide (TN), I had 2 catches and a TD. I think I had like 80 something yards receiving in that game. Against Treadwell (TN), I had 1 carry for a TD. It was a reverse. It went for something like 25 yards."

What most have you improved on this season? "I have tried to step my game up by not dropping any passes. So far, I have not dropped any. I am also running better routes."

If there is one thing you would like to improve on; what would it be? "I have not really thought about trying to improve my game. I am just trying to focus on helping my team win games. But if there were just one thing, it would be my route running. That is the key, routes."

I hear you are playing some FS this year? "Yes sir. I love FS. You get to watch everything develop. I like playing FS."

Are any schools recruiting you to play FS? "No, they just said I could go both ways, like Ole Miss. They want me to play on offense and defense."

Is that attractive for you? "Yea, a little bit."

Which school called you first during the month of September? "Coach Orgeron (laugh). He woke me up."

Which colleges are calling you weekly? "Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, Ole Miss, and that is about it. And Nebraska."

Have all of these schools offered you a scholarship? "Yes sir."

Who is your newest offer? "I got two offers in the same day. Arkansas and Texas offered."

Who would you say is coming after you the hardest? "Florida."

Have you set up any official visits? "No, but this Saturday me, my brother (Anthony Summers) and Allen Walker are going up to Nebraska for an official visit."

Where else will you visit? "I do not know yet. I know I want to go to Florida for sure, but I do not know when I am going."

For your remaining three open slots; who are the candidates? "I do not even know yet. I am just trying to make through the season before I start thinking about all of that. It will probably be with the schools who have been with me from the beginning though."

How are your classes coming along? "It is going good. We have not gotten our report cards in yet, but I have all A's and B's so far."

Have you had a chance to retake the ACT test? "I took it Saturday. I made a 15 on it the first time I took it."

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