Recruiting update with Allen Walker

Allen Walker (Ath, Olive Branch, MS) - South Hot 100 member, Allen Walker, is one of the more sought after prospects in the country. But the million dollar question still remains; just where will this multitalented youngster end up?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Allen Walker:

How is your season going? "It is going good. We are 4 - 0 and ranked #2 in the state. We get to play South Panola on October 7th, so you know, that is what we have all been waiting on. To get that #1 ranking."

Give us a game by game blow on your season? "We played Kingsbury first, and we beat them pretty good. I scored on defense, but that was about it. I have not played more than a quarter or two yet, because we have been beating our opponents so bad."

Which position are you playing on defense? "Defensive end."

Is this your first year to play end? "No sir, I played a little bit of end last year. I played all over last year though. DE, LB, S, just about everywhere. But this year, I am just playing end and wide receiver."

Do you remember your offensive stats from Kingsbury? "I had 1 catch for 18 yards."

Continue with the rest of your games. "We played Broadstreet (TN) next. I do not remember the score but we beat them pretty bad. I did not play but for a quarter in that game too. I did not do too much."

Is it hard for you to get into a rhythm when you are not playing much? "No sir, not really, because we work so hard in practice. I doubt it will effect us. We will do pretty good when we get to the tough part of our schedule."

What about you personally; can you get in a rhythm by coming out after a quarter in each game? "No, it will be alright. I am still in it from last year. I am trying to give our other players a chance to play."

How did you do in your third game against N' Side (TN)? "I had 2 sacks in that game. I had 3 or 4 tackles. I also had a reception for 30 years. Our last game against Treadwell (TN), I had 1 rushing TD for 90 yards. I also had a 35 yard TD at wide receiver. I might have had 4 tackles. I know I had a sack too."

What most have you improved on this year? "I have gotten smarter I guess. I have gained some more experience. That has helped a lot."

Who was the first coach to call you this month? "Coach Orgeron (Ole Miss)."

Which colleges are keeping in weekly phone contact? "Nebraska, Ole Miss, MSU, Florida, LSU, Clemson, and Arkansas."

Any new offers? "From Arkansas, that is my newest one."

Have the schools that are calling you weekly all offered you a scholarship? "Yes sir."

Anymore? "Auburn, but I have not really talked to them in a long time. Iowa and Iowa State have offered me too."

Who do you feel like is coming after you the hardest? "Definitely Ole Miss and Florida."

Have you set up any official visits? "I am going to Nebraska this weekend."

Where else? "I do not know yet. I have not set up any"

Which colleges are you considering to use the rest of your visits with? "I do not know. I will probably think about all of that after the season is over. I will most likely visit Florida and Ole Miss, and I am still looking at LSU, Iowa, and Clemson."

What stands out about Ole Miss? "I like the way they recruit me. They do a very good job in recruiting. I talk to all of their coaches on the phone. I feel like I have a good relationship with their whole staff. Most of the schools, you just get to talk to one or two coaches, but Ole Miss gets all of their coaches to call you. I do not know, I just like how they have recruited me."

What has you interested in Florida? "They do the same way as Ole Miss. They are consistent. They call you on a weekly basis. They are always sending me letters. You know, just staying on top of you."

How is school going? "It is going good. I took the ACT last Saturday. I think I did pretty good on it."

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