Recruiting update with Graig Cooper

Graig Cooper (RB, Memphis, TN) - One of the more sought after running backs in the Deep South recently received a scholarship offer from Miami. Alabama, Ole Miss, Miami, and Oklahoma State are the four finalist for Graig's services.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Graig Cooper:

How is your season going? "It is going good, real good."

What is Melrose's current record? "We are 4-1."

What are your stats for the season? "I really do not know them. I know I have 9 TD's though."

Give us a game by game blow. "We played Hamilton last week. We won 27-12. I had 157 yards rushing and 1 TD. I also had 20 yards receiving. Against Kingsbury, I had 83 rushing yards, 40 receiving yards, and 3 TD's. Before Kingsbury, we played Christian Brothers. We lost to them 7 - 0. I did nothing against them. I think I had 4 carries for 18 yards.. We played East (27-6) the week before, and I had 222 yards rushing and 2 TD's. Against Whitehaven (13-6), I do not just remember my stats against them. And against Briarcrest (14-0), I had 167 rushing yards and 2 TD's. I also had a 81 yard TD called back for illegal motion. That was my third long TD called back this year."

What improvements have you seen in your game this year? "I am a lot faster, a lot faster. I see the hole a lot quicker. I have better vision. I am just running with more confidence now."

Who is the best player you have faced this year? "Oh man, Cassius Vaughan from East. He is super quick."

Have you had a chance to set up your official visits yet? "I talked to Miami today about a visit. I have talked to Alabama, Oklahoma State, and Ole Miss about taking a visit too."

Anybody else under consideration? "No sir, not really, those are the main ones. It will come down to one of them."

Have you received a scholarship offer from your four finalist? "Yes sir. Miami, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Oklahoma State have all given me written and verbal scholarship offers."

Had a chance to attend any college games this fall? "I went to the Memphis/Ole Miss game, but that is it so far."

Any future games on tap? "I am going to try to make some. I am probably going to the Ole Miss/Alabama game, and I will try to make a game of Miami's and Oklahoma State's too."

What are Miami's selling points? "They are are recruiting me for running. That is about it. They like how I play."

What do you like about Miami? "I love the atmosphere in the city of Miami. I like their players too. I have not really just toured their campus, but I really like the city. I want to get down there for a visit to see if I fit in. My partner, Carlos Armour, plays for Miami too, so."

What are Ole Miss' selling points? "They said they are looking for some players to come in there and play early. They like me at RB too."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "I like their head coach, Coach "O". I like how he is going to use me. He told me that he will use me like Reggie Bush. I love Reggie Bush. He is my favorite college player. I am going to take a visit and see how I like it and go from there."

What is Alabama telling you? "I really do not know too much about them so I can not answer that question."

What attracts you to Alabama? "Good question. I really do not know. I guess what I remember the most about Alabama is how they played Oklahoma two years ago. I remember watching that game and thinking how much I liked their atmosphere and stadium. It is close to home too. That is the only thing I got."

What are Oklahoma State's selling points? "I use to stay in Oklahoma for a year. It is close to my people over there. It is like my second home. I have a partner who is a graduate assistant for them. I have always loved Oklahoma State. I like their facilities. I do not know. I have always liked Oklahoma State. It is like my second home."

Do you have a leader yet? "No sir, not at all. I am going to keep an open mind until I take my visits. I need to see how I fit in with each school before I make a decision."

In your opinion; who is coming after you the hardest? "Ole Miss is coming after me harder than anybody. They are relentless."

Graig carries a 2.8 GPA / 16 ACT.

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