Chimdi Chekwa sets up official with Ole Miss

Chimdi Chekwa (CB, Clermont, FL) - One of Florida's top corners has begun to narrow the field a bit. It looks like Ole Miss, Maryland, Florida, and South Carolina have pulled away from Clemson, Wake Forest, and Iowa State.All have offered excluding Florida.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Chimdi Chekwa:

What are your strengths at cornerback? "I cover the deep routes well, and I am a good tackler. I am also good against the bigger wide receivers."

What do you need to work on? "Breaking on the ball faster and that is basically it."

How is your season going? "We are 6-0. We are ranked #2 in Central Florida, and #3 in Class 6A."

What are your stats for the year? "I have 4 interceptions and around 30 tackles."

What were your stats as a junior? "I had 40 tackles, 11 pass breakups, 4 int's, 1 defensive touchdown, and 1 punt return for a TD."

Any awards? "I was named All-District and All-Area."

What most have you improved on this season? "I have improved most on my understanding of the converges. I have gotten a lot smarter than I was last year."

Which colleges are currently contacting you weekly by phone? "Ole Miss, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Maryland, Florida, and that is basically about it."

All offers? "All those schools have offered me except for Florida. Iowa State and Clemson have offered me too, but they do not call like the other schools. They call, just not as much."

Who is coming after you the hardest? "Ole Miss. They call me a lot. They send me the most personal letters. I have set up an official visit with them for this weekend. I talk to all of their coaches just about every week. They always have everyone on the phone and we just talk. They are a fun bunch to talk to."

Have you set up anymore officials? "No, I plan to visit South Carolina, Florida, and Wake Forest too. No, not Wake Forest but Maryland. I will visit them after the season is over."

What got you interested in Ole Miss? "The first thing is that they are an SEC team. I am a big fan of the SEC. They have a new coach, and I like his defensive strategy. They are just recruiting me real hard, you know."

And South Carolina? "They are another SEC school. And besides, who would not want to play for Steve Spurrier? They are a little closer to home than the rest of the schools."

Will distance play a big role in your decision? "It is important but only to a certain extent. If it is a tough decision between two schools, I will probably choose the school that is closer. Distance will be a part of my decision, but not a huge part, but it is a part."

What are Maryland positives? "I like Maryland because they are a good school, academically. They have a good graduation percentage. They play good defense too, and I like the ACC. It is another BCS conference."

Talk about Florida. "It is right around the corner, first of all. They always have good teams. They are doing real good right now. They have a good football town and atmosphere. You have to put them somewhere near the top of the list."

What will be some factors in your decision? "I will look at their graduation percentage, early playing time, and how far it is from home. That is less, but I will keep that in mind too."

Chamdi carries a 3.2 GPA and a 23 on the ACT.

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