Recruiting picture becoming much clearer

Anthony Dixon (RB, Terry, MS) - South Hot 100 Member has simply been tearing it up this season for Terry. The Bulldogs are off to a 5-0 record in large thanks for their star running back. Dixon has rushed for 1, 086 yards and 11 TD's for the young season.

What does he contribute his early season success?

"I really do not know. We have a little more talent this year. They are young but talented. We believed last year, but this year we believe a little harder," commented Anthony Dixon.

Anthony had a career game against Mendenhall last Friday when he rushed for over 300 yards.

"That was a district game. I told them, when it comes district play, I want the ball. I want to lead us to an defeated record in district play."

Has Anthony begun to set up his official visits?

"I have been talking to them about it. I have talked to Ole Miss, MSU, and Alabama about one. Nothing is in concrete, but we are playing with some dates."

And what are the dates?

"Ole Miss wants me to come on the first weekend in December. MSU wants me to come on the 3rd weekend in January, and Alabama wants me to come on the 2nd weekend in January. Them three might be the ones I take. I will probably go ahead and make it official pretty soon."

Do these three schools lead for Anthony Dixon's services?

"Yes, them three and LSU."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"Probably their coaching staff. I get a good vibe when I talk to their staff. That is what impresses me so far with them. I get to talk to their running back coach, offensive coordinator, Coaches Hughes and Orgeron. They are fun people to be around. I just get a good vibe about their whole staff. That is what sticks out the most about Ole Miss."

And MSU?

"Their coaching staff is pretty good too. I also know some of the players they signed last year. I talked to them when I went to their game last weekend. And Norwood is leaving next year. I have to look at that."

Which players does Dixon know at MSU?

"I know Anthony Johnson (attends Hargrave) and I talk to Archie Sims (attends Jones CC) a lot. He is going to go back there in two years. I saw him at the last game (GA/MSU)."

Has Dixon attended anymore college games?

"I went to the USM/Alabama game."

What did he learn on each visit?

"MSU, I really did not learn anything new. I knew they were going to fight hard. I thought they would do the same against LSU, but I was not really surprised. At Alabama, I just liked their whole team. They play together. Their offensive line looks real good. Probably the best out of them three (OM, MSU, and AL). I got to talk to coach Shula a couple of times. They really want me pretty good."

Any future games on tap? "I think I might go to a LSU game, and I will probably go back to MSU and probably go see Ole Miss. I do not know about USM. I might go down there for a game. It all depends on how sore I am after my games. I mean, I went to the MSU/GA game. I enjoyed myself, but I could barely move. I was hurting while I was up there. It was hard for me to stay focused. I just wanted to get back in my bed. I was super sore."

Which colleges are making Dixon feel the most wanted?

"That is kind of hard to say. It would definitely be between Ole Miss and MSU. Both of them are going after me super hard. Ole Miss sends me way more letters than anybody else, but once I talk to the MSU coaches, I can really tell they me super hard too. I do not know, hopefully after I take my official visits to those two schools, I will be able to tell which one I want to go to. It is going to be a real tough decision for me."

Anthony has scored a 17 on the ACT test and needs one more point to become a full qualifier, according to Dixon.

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